January 1, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: New Year, New Inserts? Enter to win 6 Micro Inserts!

Time to replace those inserts or at the very minimum add some new ones to your rotation!  Worn out microfiber can be the culprit of leaky and wicking diapers.  This is especially a problem if you've only ever owned used diapers and inserts, you might not know what you're missing!

Win this giveaway and you can add SIX fluffy new Knickernappies Micro Inserts to your cloth diaper stash!  Increase absorbency and retire some of those worn out inserts you've still been using.

Knickernappies Micro Inserts come in two sizes.  The winner will get to choose a combination to suite her needs!

Made with three layers of our ultra-thick microfiber, Knickernappies Microfiber inserts are absorbent and fit perfectly in most brands of pocket diapers.
  • Small- 12"x5.5"
  • Large - 16"x5.5"
Win It!
Enter via the Rafflecopter below and you can win SIX new Micro Inserts from Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Shop for Knickernappies Micro Inserts this week at Cloth Diaper Outlet and save 15%!  New Year, New Inserts!  Stock up while you can and see how much greater your cloth diapers will perform!

Enter the giveaway below.  Open to the USA only.  Winner has 7 days to claim their prize.

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I could really use some new inserts!! :)

I've never added inserts - all mine are the ones that come with the diapers.

I've been cloth diapering for over a year and haven't added any new inserts.

my answer is, NOT YET. I havent gots my Baby new yet!

I'm just starting my cloth diaper stash so I only have inserts that came with diapers. Extras would be amazing! :)

NEVER! I am just starting to build my stash--my first baby is due in 4 weeks :)

I have a couple of extras that came off my baby registry. So far only using pockets at night (double stuffing has been great for that!), otherwise prefolds and covers.

I bought a few right before xmas but they are odd shaped so idk how im going to like them

I've always just used the inserts that came with the diaper.

I have never bought new inserts, but I really could use some, some of mine are pretty stained and gross!!

I added a couple bamboo inserts to my stash about 4 months ago to help with nighttime absorbancy issues
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

I bought a couple new flips with covers a couple of months ago, but I don't have any extra inserts.

I haven't ever bought new ones; usually my cheapest outers die first and then I reuse those inserts!

I just won some Thirsties fab doublers, but haven't ever REPLACED any inserts.

I use prefolds and would love to try these! New mommy looking to build her stash!

I've never! Still building up my stash for my first little one coming this spring!

These would be amazing for my sister who is just starting her stash

I actually just did about a month ago since my son has become such a heavy wetter. However, I am in need of more as I am having to add more to each diaper he is wearing lately! Thank you for this giveaway chance!

I haven't in about 6 months and could use a few more.

I could really use some more of these! My daughter is a super soaker!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I've never added inserts! I'm in desperate need!

I've never bought any. I only use the ones that come with diapers.

I got some softbum inserts black friday and some prefolds.

yikes, I cannot remember the last time I added just inserts. maybe June at a resale event. I could use some extras

I bought some inserts shortly after DD was born, so about 7 months ago, but none since.

Its been about 14 months. I think its time!

Still pregnant - haven't even started using cloth yet!

These would be my first inserts! My baby isn't due until March. :)

It has been about 6mths since I added more hemp inserts

Only have six in rotation. Would love to add these.

I haven't added anything new for almost a year!

I just started cloth diapering a few days ago and added bamboo and microfiber inserts to my stash!

I am just starting out! haha : )

I haven't added any yet. I am just starting out and still deciding which brands to use! :)

It would be nice to add some for my sister since she only had a few diapers

I could always use more inserts. I only ordered a couple for my stash.

I'm just starting my stash for my soon-coming little one. So never, yet.

It's been quite a while since I've added new inserts. Definitely need to replace our current ones.

I haven't added any inserts that didn't come with the diapers yet.

The only insert I've ever added was one I made for an extra small pocket diaper I made for my baby a couple of months ago. Otherwise all my inserts have come with the diapers. I bought material to make a few more diapers so it would be great to win pre-made and most likely much more absorbent (lol) inserts.

I'm new to cloth diapering and I could REALLY use some inserts!!

Im Still Building My Stash.. Havent bought inserts yet...

I'm new to cloth diapering before I did my research I was against cloth diapering but now I love the cloth diaper world ive been cloth diapering for two months now and I would love to win.... If I don't win congrats in advance to the lucky winner ;)