January 16, 2013

Reusable Nursing Pads: Softer & Better Protection against Leaks

You've made the switch to cloth diapers, but have you thought about switching to other reusable products for yourself? Switching to a reusable menstrual cup or mama cloth may sound intimidating, but let me suggest something a little easier. Try reusable nursing pads!

While I was pregnant, I had made the decision to cloth diaper our first born son. It was an easy decision and in my first trimester I was hooked! There was no changing my mind. We had chosen to cloth diaper initially for financial reasons and this of course meant wanting to breastfeed as well. Spending money on disposable diapers and formula was not something my husband and I wanted to include in our budget.

When my son was born, we began cloth diapering and I was successfully breastfeeding. I was soaking through disposable nursing pads with my heavy flow of milk. These pads were the "best" according to another mom friend and I continued to buy them because I didn't know any better. I had received an inexpensive pair of "washable nursing pads" as a baby shower gift and gave them a try once. They were extremely itchy against my skin and not very absorbent. I quickly threw them in the trash and continued wasting money on disposable pads.

Then I got to thinking, there has to be a better solution! If I'm using cloth diapers and washing those, why am I not looking for another option for nursing pads? I mean, the diapers were full of poop and I was putting that through my washer. My shirts were already stained with milk. It just made sense to find a reusable solution. Yes, I had tried that one set of reusable pads, but surely there had to be something of better quality. So I started researching and purchased a few different pads.

I was impressed by the softness against my skin, the lack of leaks and the cost savings! One package of reusable pads was about the cost of one box of disposable. It just made sense, both logically and financially. Not only could I wash them again and again for the whole year that I nursed my son, but I have saved them to use with future children. I worried they wouldn't work for overnight and they did! Sometimes after nursing, I would have to change to a clean set, but for the most part, I didn't have any issues. You couldn't see them through my shirts and they contained leaks while in public better than any disposable pad I had tried.

Before cloth diapering, we recycled, but didn't really now much about other green ways of living. Cloth diapering opened up a whole new world of greener living!

Cloth Diaper Revival