January 23, 2013

Prefolds are easier than you think!

When you think of modern cloth diapers, you typically think of pocket diapers or all-in-ones, maybe even a hybrid diaper with the option to use a disposable or cloth insert. Prefold diapers are things of the past, right? Things your mom or grandma may have used? Think again!

Prefold diapers are still a great option for cloth diapering! They are an economical, easy to care for option for those looking to simplify cloth diapering. When you first look at a prefold you may be intimidated by thoughts of different folds and using diaper pins. Don't get too frustrated!

There are numerous tutorials on youtube showing how to fold your diapers, but there are easier ways! For prefolds, just trifold and lay inside the cover. No need for pins, a Snappi, or fancy, complicated folds!

Prefolds take up less space in your diaper bag and the best part is you can reuse your diaper cover multiple times before washing! They are less forgiving when it comes to doing diaper laundry too! Also, because they are so affordable, it's not nearly as nerve wrecking when one gets destroyed or goes missing! Prefolds are durable and are made to last for years (and multiple children).

Have you given prefolds a try?


I am all about the prefolds. Seriously, they are my go-to diaper. I love Wonder Wraps covers, but sadly they are not being made any longer. It's really too bad, because I have found these to be hands-down the BEST cover I have ever tried. I never, ever have leaks, no matter how soaked that diaper is. I do sometimes have leaks with all the other brands of diapers I have in my stash, no matter the style. But those prefolds, they never leak. And they hold a TON. Sometimes I think they probably hold twice as much as the microfiber inserts! I have never measured, it just seems that way. Love my prefolds!

I use prefolds and LOVE them. They are so easy to was, never have to strip them. I just trifold with a cover. Plus, we cloth diaper for the savings and it has been soooooo worth it!!

I use ONLY prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wraps. I have a small 17 month old, and a big 2 month old and I have a complete stash (for both) of 2 sizes of prefolds and 2 sizes of covers. They are easy to use, care for, sort, and store, plus easy on the wallet!