January 29, 2013

Baltic Amber for Teething Pain, It really works!

When my son was about 3 months old I started to notice his attitude change a bit. He was a bit fussier, he was drooling and just not acting like he normally would. So I asked my mother for advice, her response was “maybe he is teething, and it’s causing him pain “ So that night I took a look at his gums and sure enough he had a white gum on the bottom front. The teeth had not yet ripped through the skin but this would explain why my son was so fussy and just not himself.

So I decided to buy an Amber Necklace I heard many great things about it. I did some research on it, I was convinced I had to buy one for my son. My husband thought I was crazy and was wasting my money on buying this necklace that “supposedly” would help my son with the pain. So I received my necklace in the mail put it on my son as soon as I got it. I didn’t really notice anything that night not until the next couple days he seemed to be a bit happier and not so fussy. Then the true test came when I took my son a bath and took off the amber necklace and totally forgot to put it back on. That night my son and I pulled an all nighter he would not fall asleep, I could not figure out what it was. It was around 4am when my husband woke up and washed his face getting ready to go to work that he looked at me and said “he is not wearing his necklace.” WOW!! You are totally right I said. Since then my husband and I am a true believers of our amber necklace. My son wears his necklace everyday it’s a piece of jewelry that looks super cute on him.

Here is a little background on Amber.  It is an organic substance “fossil resin” made of compounds of volatile terpenes and sesquiterpenes, soluble, organic acids and non-soluble polyether. The colors range from bright yellow to dark yellow, or even brownish- orange. Amber is very beneficial to humans as it warms to the touch and exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance in the palm of your hand. It is the only fossil resin that contains 3-8% succinic acid (located in the surface layer), which is a therapeutic susstance with many applications for healing. Even plants absorb the amber resin and are used as an antibiotic to heal cuts and wounds. In other words it is a homeopathic way of healing and soothing.

I would totally recommend getting an Amber Necklace for your little one(s), I believe that they truly do work for their stage in teething it has worked for us. True Story.

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These seem like a very dagerous stragulation or choking hazard. could some one explain to me how it isnt a chocking hazzard?

@SavingsFairy if these were to break there is a knot in between each amber ball, its not a necklace that hangs its close to there skin but does not hurt them, they come in different sizes according to the age of your baby.