August 16, 2012

Cloth Diapering as EASY as it CAN be.

People will argue with you until they're blue in the face.  Cloth diapers are not EASY, you're just saying that because you like them and want to convince people to use them.  But they are easy we protest, well at least there are easier methods and tips that you can learn to cloth diaper more easily.

Having had twins in cloth diapers I was surprised to find that the easiest method for me wasn't the most modern.

While at home I preferred to use cloth cotton prefolds and diaper covers, specifically Thirsties diaper covers.  With aplix fasteners and different sizes, the covers are easy to put on and hold the prefold in place without needed a snappi or diaper pins.

You don't HAVE to use a fancy folding technique if you don't want to and you don't even have to change the cover with each diaper change, just the prefold.

I could easily tri-fold a prefold with one hand, place it on the cover, put the baby's bottom on it, fasten and go!

Another tip to make it even better, wipe out the cover, even if you think it didn't get soiled.  I found that without wiping, after a few changes it began to smell like urine.  If you wipe the inside of the cover before putting it back on I discovered that the cover could be used for even longer without needing to be washed.  This was a big deal considering that I had two in cloth and required a lot of diapers.

Do you use prefolds and diaper covers?  Did you imagine them to be complicated and a hassle only to discover like I did that they are super easy to use?  Do you prefer them over more modern cloth diaper styles?

Please leave your comments, I'd love to read them!


August 14, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Win Bumkins Snack Bags or Save 15% when you buy this WEEK!

We're super excited to be expanding our product selection and one product line we're loving is the Bumkins Sandwich Bag and Snack Bags!  They're eco-friendly, re-usable and super affordable.

Bumkins reusable snack bags are the eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic baggies. Made from the same easy-wipe waterproof fabric as our bibs. Machine washable and dishwasher-safe. Great for many uses: picnics, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, dog treats, road trips and so much more! Also available in a larger single option.
  • Zipper closure
  • Measures 7"W x 3.5"H
  • Lead free, PVC free, BPA free, Phthalates free, and Vinyl free
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Winner of our Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent is...

Our Trophy Tuesday Giveaway from last week has ended.  We were excited to present you with an opportunity to try and win a bag of the amazing Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent!  You will absolutely love this one, it's become an absolute staple in the Cloth Diaper Outlet household.

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August 13, 2012

Working out with the Lunette Cup!

Three weeks ago I was chosen to be one of ten semi-finalists to compete in a Biggest Loser stylecompetition. All has been going well and normal when my monthly visitor decided to pay me a visit this past Monday. Now, I do a lot of squats, lunges and I basically get my body into various weird positions during my work out. Prior to starting to use the Lunette Cup I’d had different issues with tampons staying in their place during swim practices (ah hem…flip turns) and any kind of squats or lunges. I’d always have to remove my tampon during the middle of the workout. My uterus is really tilted and while I don’t know if this is part of the reason why I’ve had issues I kind of just assume it is.

I inserted my cup in the morning and hoped that it stayed in place as drove myself to the gym to meet with my trainer. Lately we’ve started out on either the elliptical or the treadmill. No worries there with weird positions but as the work out continued the activity level and odd positions became more intense. I really hung on to hope that everything would stay in its place.

An hour passed and my cup stayed firmly where it should be! I had actually forgotten it was there until I was showering. I cannot tell you the relief and freedom I feel using the Lunette Cup. It’s almost like my period’s not a big deal to have any more at all. There’s no inconvenience to my life or the challenges I’m competing in! Thanks Lunette Cup!

Elizabeth (aka Bert) is a stay-at-home-mom and contributing writer for She Thinks Media. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Ben, her son Buggie, and daughter Lady Bug.  When she's not trying to convince Buggie to expand his interests beyond Thomas the Train or put his pants back on she's writing about her experiences as a mom on her blog, First Time Mom (FTM). After all, Bert maintains there's a first time for everything, even if you  have more than one child!