July 30, 2012

What the fluff? A guide to speaking the cloth diaper language.

EUC. PUL. GUC. BOV. Fitteds. AIO. AI2. AI3. Pockets. Liners. Inserts. FSOT. PPD. What the heck? I. am. confused.

In today’s techie, fast paced society language has become all about the acronym and nicknames. Every niche, online community and group forums have them and if you’re new it’s totally confusing. I remember when I first started cloth diapering I was curious about sites such as Diaper Pin and Diaper Swappers. What was Hyena Cart anyway? I dabbled a little on these sites but the language was foreign to me and no matter how many times I read their acronyms page I didn’t have the patience to click back and forth between a thread and the acronym definition page. So now, after thoroughly being immersed in the cloth diaper world for a few months I feel that I can adequately help you learn this cloth diaper language so you can get in on the buzz too! Let’s get the lesson started!

Purchasing Diapers

Used diapers are in categories such as EUC, GUC and UC. Any guess what those mean?
LN = Like New
EUC = Excellent Used Condition
VGUC = Very Good Used Condition
GUC = Good Used Condition
FUC = Fair Used Condition
UC = You guessed it, Used Condition

Then we have the payment and shipping lingo:
STM = Ship to Me
PPD = Postage Paid (when you see this it means that the price includes shipping)
FFS = Free For Shipping
FC = First Class…as in first class shipping
FPP = Funded PayPal
FRB = Flat Rate Box
FRE = Flat Rate Envelope

Cloth Diaper Terms

AIO = All in One All in ones have everything in them that you need, the waterproof diaper cover, soaker and it’s all in one simple diaper. Some AIOs have the insert sewn in and some simply have it attached to the diaper. No stuffing, no folding needed.

AI2 = All in 2 It’s the same as an AIO but the soakers aren’t sewn in or attached to the cover part of the diaper. They snap into the cover; this is nice b/c it cuts down on the drying time.

Fitted = This is confusing and I had no idea why on earth a cloth diaper was called fitted but could be one size fits all at the same time. A fitted diaper refers to a diaper that is contoured in shape and needs a cover over top of it. A fitted doesn’t refer to the size of a diaper.  Fitteds are very absorbent but lack the waterproof material on their exterior which is why they require a cover over top.

Pockets = Think of an old school diaper cover. It only has the waterproof part of the diaper to it. A pocket diaper is the cover, soft part of the diaper that goes against baby’s skin and an opening so you can stuff an insert or other absorbing material into it.

Inserts = An insert is the absorbent part of a pocket diaper. You insert it into the pocket diaper.

Wool Soaker = Just like it sounds, a wool soaker is a diaper cover that is made of wool and soaks up any liquid from the diaper. They are typically used with fitteds and other kinds of diapers that do not have any waterproofing shell to them.

Prefold & Flats = A prefold (or PF) is a kind of cloth diaper that has a center thickness to it – you have to fold these around your baby. Flats are any kind of material that is 27” by 27” and is very simple; no layers, no extras and must be folded to use as a diaper.

OBV = Organic Bamboo Velour; it’s a kind of fabric. One would use bamboo because it is a very natural fabric, can hold a ton of liquid and does not hurt the environment at all because bamboo re-grows once a shoot has been cut.

Aplix or Hook & Loop = This is a little confusing…simply put, Aplix is a brand of hook and loop. Hook and loop refers to a fastening closure that’s like Velcro; Velcro is a brand name hook and loop is not.

Liners = These go next to baby’s skin and acts as a lining to protect the diaper from creams and other ointments that may harm the diaper’s ability to absorb and contain liquid.

Snappi = No pins required! This is a Y-shaped plastic closure accessory that has teeth and holds the flat or prefold in place.

We’ve really only scratched the surface here of this cloth diaper language. The important thing is to not be intimidated by the terms, acronyms or lingo often used for cloth diapers. You can always Google it or….just pin this post as a handy reference guide! Oh and if you’re wondering…Hyena Cart is an online “mall” for Earth friendly stores. It’s similar to Etsy but it’s Earth friendly.

Elizabeth (aka Bert) is a stay-at-home-mom and contributing writer for She Thinks Media. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Ben, her son Buggie, and daughter Lady Bug.  When she's not trying to convince Buggie to expand his interests beyond Thomas the Train or put his pants back on she's writing about her experiences as a mom on her blog, First Time Mom (FTM). After all, Bert maintains there's a first time for everything, even if you  have more than one child!