May 17, 2012

Knickernappies, Wolbybug and Palm Tree Diapers need your photos! Earn free cloth diapers if you're chosen!

Time to dust off those cameras and have a photo shoot!

Knickernappies, the distributor of Knickernappies cloth diapers, Wolbybug Diaper Covers and Palm Tree Diaper Covers is looking for great photos of little ones wearing their products that they can use for their website, blog and media.

In exchange for permission to use your photos they'll reward you with free products!  Have any photos?  Submit them to Knickernappies by email or upload them to their Facebook Wall!

Visit the Knickernappies Blog for complete details.

May 16, 2012

Our week in --*gasp*-- disposable diapers!

Last week our family was privileged to take a family vacation.  We flew out of town and stayed in a hotel for 4 nights and 5 days.  And, as with any long trip, the question came we take our cloth or use disposables?

Always before, with either of our children, we've taken our cloth diapers.  We once traveled for 2 weeks with cloth with our daughter.  Last spring, when our son was 8 months old, we were gone 9 days with hybrid diapers (a cloth cover and a disposable insert).  So you can say I've done it all...except, that is, disposable.  I've actually never traveled with disposable diapers.  For a lot of reasons, that's what I chose to take this time.  Here's my story...

The night before our trip, I put Colby to bed in a disposable diaper, the first he's worn since he was in the hospital at birth.  I washed all of our cloth and dried them so that no diapers would sit dirty or wet while we were gone.  The next morning, at 3 am, I woke Colby to get him ready for our trip.  And for the first time ever, he was soaked from his armpits to his knees.  We've NEVER had a nighttime leak with cloth diapers.  But this disposable (a major brand beginning with P. And ending with pee, as it turned out.) leaked everywhere.  I had a moment of panic...this was what I'd packed for 5 days, what if they didn't work?

I put him into his next diaper and got him ready.  At the airport, he blessed us with his morning poop.  I changed him and discovered that if he'd sat down, the poop would have gone right out the diaper, it was that close to leaking.  And, holy cow!  Disposables don't have any elastic whatsoever at the back of the diaper.  Whoa.  LOL  It's clearly been a while since I've used a disposable diaper!  So far, I wasn't impressed.

We continued with our trip, arrived at our destination, and sure enough, Colby was wet again.  His shorts were damp from another leaky disposable.  He's not a heavy wetter, one insert in a pocket works just fine for him.  But these disposables...did I buy the wrong size?  And what was with all the red marks?  Poor little guy had red creases in his thighs from the diapers.  I didn't have them on too tight, but the elastic left some mean-looking marks, though the marks did fade within a few minutes if he didn't have a diaper on, so they weren't really worrisome.  We don't have that problem with our cloth diapers.

Just for fun, because he's cute!
Thankfully, that was the last of the leaking and we did just fine the rest of the trip.  I have to admit, throwing away the dirty diapers was nicer than toting them home with us (though I've never minded doing that).  Our son has some of the most awful poopy diapers, I was actually pretty happy to throw them away for a few days!  It was also nice that I could tuck 6 diapers into a small pocket on the stroller, leaving the bottom free for jackets and sunscreen.  Usually, that space is full of diapers, wet bags, and wipes.  And at the end of the trip, I came home with no dirty diapers and to a dryer full of clean cloth.  However, I couldn't wait to get Colby back into cloth.  I put away the last 4 or 5 disposables that we had left, maybe we'll use them someday, maybe not.

Considering I literally threw away $9 in diapers (and another $2 in wipes) it was an eye-opening week.  But I think of it this way: I paid $11 to not have to worry about diapers on our trip.  And it was worth it.  But week after week after week?  That adds up to a lot of money!  Just one year of disposables at that price is $ could buy some really nice cloth diapers with that!

I'm a die-hard cloth diaper user, hardcore to the max.  I take cloth camping, I take cloth on long trips, I adamantly use cloth even when there are easier options.  So what's my take on disposables?  Like every disposable item, they have their times when the convenience is worth it.  Paper plates are great for picnics, plastic grocery sacks are perfect for cat litter, and disposable diapers are nice for traveling.  But take extra clothes, you just might need them.

May 15, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Enter to win (6) Knickernappies Prefolds or save 15% when you order! Ends 05/22/12

 Prefolds, although a traditional method of cloth diapering, are still a staple for any cloth diapering family.

They're easy to launder, easy to use and versatile.  Keep on hand and use as a diaper, tri-fold and use as an insert, burp cloth, changing pad, dust cloth and more!

With this weeks Trophy Tuesday and Sale we're giving you a chance to win (6) Knickernappies Cotton Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers!

Knickernappies Indian Cotton prefold cloth diapers are made from the fluffiest, softest cotton.  Made to withstand years of washing and daily use, they'll be your favorite prefold diaper in no time.  

Your prefolds will arrive flat and lifeless, but wash them 3 times and they'll perk up into fluffy diapers begging to be used.  Your prefolds will be absorbent after the first three washes and they will continue to gain absorbency for another 8-10 washes before achieving their peak potential. 

Your prefolds are also a bit of a shrinking violet...they'll look huge when they arrive, but after washing they will shrink to the perfect size.  

Sizing - all are 4x8x4 layers
Infant ~ White Edge ~ 6-15 lbs
Premium Short* ~ Lime Edge ~ 10-20 lbs
Premium ~ Purple Edge ~ 15-30 lbs

Giveaway:  Enter to win SIX Indian Prefolds via the Rafflecopter Form Below.

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Winner of Trophy Tuesday, a GroVia Magic Stick is...

Winner of last week's Trophy Tuesday has been announced!  The lucky winner will receive a GroVia Magic Stick from Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Magic Stick is a super popular choice and absolute favorite, cloth diaper safe bottom balm for many cloth diapering families.

According to Rafflecopter the lucky winner was Shannon S!  Shannon, please check your email for a notice from us and to claim your prize.