February 7, 2012

Trophy Tuesday: Thirsties Sized Covers, A Discount Code and a Giveaway!

Often overlooked since Duo Sized and One Sized Covers has taken over the market, there's still a place in the grand cloth diapering scheme of things for the Thirsties Sized Diaper Covers.

What a lot of families don't realize is that the Sz1 and Sz2 do not simply replace the XS, Sm, Med and Large.  Sz1 often is too big for itty bitty newborns, and duo size and one size covers can also seem bulky on new babies.  The Xtra Small or Small is a perfect cover to have on hand for newborns and provide an excellent, trim and secure fit.

The same goes for the larger covers as well.  Did you know that the sz Large Thirsties Cover fits bigger babies than the Sz2 Duo Wrap on it's largest setting?  Just because the Sz2 Duo doesn't fit your big baby doesn't mean you should give up on Thirsties.  Try the sz Large and see if it just isn't the solution to your problems.

Thirsties Diaper Covers secure with durable hook and loop for a perfect and secure fit at every diaper change. The specialty waterproof fabric is extremely pliable and comfortable for your baby's delicate skin. Leg gussets provide advanced leak-proof protection and bindings are super soft against baby skin. The x-small size features an umbilical cut out for your newborn's comfort and all sizes offer convenient fold-over laundry tabs to protect your hook and loop closure's from trapping lint in the wash. The generous cut of Thirsties Diaper Covers offers a superior waterproof exterior on any type of flat, prefolded, contoured, or fitted cloth diaper.
Discount:  This week only, use code TROPHY for 15% off Thirsties Sized Covers at Cloth Diaper Outlet.

Giveaway:  Enter to win a Thirsties Diaper Cover in the size and color of your choice by entering via the Rafflecopter form below.

Winner of our GroVia Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is...Jenny W!

Thank you all for entering to win last week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway!  According to Rafflecopter, the lucky random winner was Jenny W!  She'll receive a GroVia Cover with Hook/Loop closure in the color of her choice.

Jenny, please check your email, we've sent a winners notification to you. 

We'll have another Trophy Tuesday up for this week in just a little bit so stay tuned.

February 6, 2012

Wolbybug, Wetbags you can afford! New and in stock at Cloth Diaper Outlet.

Often wetbags are labeled as a cloth diaper accessory that's just a luxury item.  Cute prints, zippered closure, waterproof...but you could live without one so you can't justify spending the usual $18.95 and up that they normally cost.  Well now we've got great news for you!

Introducing Wolbybug, a cloth diaper wetbag that's both cute, reliable, quality AND affordable!

We are so proud of our new wet bags that we named them after our children!  Mixing the nicknames of our two kids (ages 1 and 6) gave us the name Wolbybug and we're happy to introduce the first product in the Wolbybug line...wet bags! 

Our wet bags are generously sized to accommodate several diapers (4-6 including wipes) yet small enough to easily fold up into the diaper bag without taking too much space.  16.5" x 11.5"

Each Wolbybug wet bag includes an elastic loop so it can hang from your wrist, bathroom hook, changing table, etc. 

Made from a single layer so you don't have to put them back together after washing.
 Visit us today and grab your new Wolbybug Wetbag for just $10.99!