November 13, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Win a Knickernappies Baltic Amber Necklace and/or Save 15%!

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This week we're featuring our Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces!  Yes, we're believers and you should know that if you read our blog.

Recently we covered topics like Does Baltic Amber for Teething really work? and on the Knickernappies blog, How to tell if you Baltic Amber is genuine and not fake!

Our family has seen real results from the use of Baltic Amber as a Teething Pain Remedy and we hope you'll give it a try too!

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I could tell my baby was teething when she started drooling like crazy, putting everything into her mouth, and jamming her fingers deep into her mouth.

My little gal hasn't started teething yet, but I hear when she really starts drooling, it's getting close.

Haven't seen an actual tooth yet, but we have drooling, nomming everything he gets a hold of, and more chomping during feeding than I'd like. I'm guessing we're close, but only time will tell!

My little one is generally a really happy girl but when she's teething, she becomes a wretched, miserable little creature :( It's hard on both of us.

My baby always drooled up a river and chews on everything, so I know she is teething when she is fussy all the time and I can feel her gums are swollen :(

My daughter drools like crazy!

thankfully my daughter hasn't had a hard time with the teething yet-- but she does get a sore bum when they are popping through.

Misery. Absolutely miserable out of the blue were a big, big sign teeth were/are making they're way through.

With my little man the only two signs of teething, are drool, and chewing on his fingers.

The kids I nannied for always started the mega drool drip when they were teething! They get a little cranky too.

Thanks for the chance to win. I used an amber teething necklace for my son and it worked and he still uses it!

I have a Baltic Amber Necklace for myself and as my little one has been drooling more and chomping on his fingers (and anything else he can get into his mouth), it seems as if he is starting to teethe. Would love to get him a necklace to help.

The signs I read about I didn't necessarily believe. I just looked and felt the gums when I thought it was happening. There was a lot of drooling, that was true.

I knew my son was teething when he was drooling a lot, chewing on his fingers, and had a slight fever.

I've really been wanting to try one of these. I have a little one teething right now.

I could tell by drooling and everything going in the mouth and getting bitten. Though with my first, she drooled big-time from 2 months until her first tooth around 6 months, and now my second has been drooling and gnawing on fingers since 2 months but no other signs of teeth close, except for a dream I had where she got four teeth in one day!

When my little ones started teething they get fussy, drool more, and sometimes get a slight fever. Also, when anything gets near those little gums, they get real aggressive and HAVE to gnaw on whatever it is that is close enough to bite! Poor babies are miserable when teething!

everyone ignores this question but, aren't these a choking/ strangulation hazard?

For my kids it was the drooling and slight fever that there was no other cause for. My dd wasn't as bad as my ds though. She didn't have to wear bibs constantly like my ds did! LOL