November 28, 2012

Trophy Tuesday: Win a BG Freetime OS AIO and Save 15% this week!

Trophy Tuesday Giveaway!

This week you can enter an awesome giveaway for a diaper that families everywhere are growing to love.

The BumGenius Freetime cloth diaper is an innovative One Size All In One Diaper in the same great size and shape as the BumGenius Pocket Diapers.  The BumGenius Freetime Diaper features two Semi Attached Stay-Dry Inserts that make drying faster.  Receive the same absorbency and ease of use as a pocket diaper with no stuffing required.

The Inserts are sewn and attached, one in the front and one in the back so they flap down and overlap each other inside the diaper.

BumGenius Freetime Diapers are available in Hook and Loop Closure or Snap Closure and come in a variety of colors and/or prints to suit your tastes.

Regular retail price is $19.95 each.


Enter to win a BumGenius Freetime OS AIO Cloth Diaper with Hook/Loop closure via the Rafflecopter below.


Shop for BumGenius Freetime OS AIO Cloth Diapers this week at and save 15% off automatically!

*This Giveaway is open to the USA & Canada.  All winners entries will be verified.  Winners have 7 days to claim their prize.  Must be 18 yrs or older to enter.

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My babies chew on everything!

I'd love to win a new brand! Didn't do so well with the last CDs I bought, hoping other brands won't leak. :)

Sorry - commented before clicking to see I had to comment about teething. :) Fevers, fussiness, and chewing on fingers!

Drooling and he is usually picky about what he will eat. Normally he will eat just about anything.

Lots of chewing and drooling! He also rubbed his ears a lot. ):

runny poop and the diaper rash that follows :-(

My son starts to chew on everything in sight and he gets a diaper rash.

My daughter starts chewing on her hands, soaks her clothes with drool, and gets a raging diaper rash every time a new tooth is about to come through!

General grumpiness. I know when my guy is getting new teeth because he becomes a pill.

Drooling and a really fussy baby

I'm still expecting number one so I have no idea but from experiences of my family members I'd say drooling and crabbiness...

Cranky, drooling, and not wanting to drink from her bottle.

I haven't gone through the teething yet--my little one is due in 8 1/2 weeks!

8 month old has yet to try this diaper :) would love for him to

I'd love to have a Freetime to try! :)

Signs of teething? Lots of drooling and chewing!

She would no longer take her pacifier or a bottle, she would only nurse - a lot!

I knew my baby was teething when she was fussy and her gums were swollen

Lots of drooling and chewing on everything. Also, a runny nose.

I look for drooling, being ill when they usually are happy, interupted sleep patterns and swollen gums

lots of drooling, uncomfortable and crazy poo

My daughter had diarrhea and got a bad rash. That was the only way I knew she was teething until her eye teeth came in. With those, she bit a lot which she had never done.

She started drooling like crazy and wouldn't stop chewing!

I haven't had to deal with teething yet, as my son is only 3 months, although from what everyone says my son seems to have alot of the symptoms... Is it possible to teeth this early? He is always drooling, mouthing/gumming his fingers, has been more fussy than usual and is pulling on his ears.