November 23, 2012

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My son ALWAYS breaks into a diaper rash when he is teething, but otherwise seems pretty tough skinned. So if he has a rash, I can expect a tooth soon!

Drooling, chewing on everything, unusual fussiness!

My ds drooled and had to have a bib on constantly. My dd was just fussy and gnawing on everything!
tvpg at aol dot com

My gal was a little cranky and clingy. But we were also on vacation and out of her comfort zone, so I'm not sure what the next tooth/teeth will bring.

My son just chews, chews, chews on everything!

I'm not sure this is the correct question for this giveaway.. But, I can tell my baby is teething when she is fussy, does't sleep well, and is clingy...

I could tell teething started when they were just a bit fussier then I would check the gums to see if anything looked sore.

Lots of drool is a sign for us!

Drowl was not an obvious sign for us, because my daughter is ALWAYS drowly! But I can tell when she's fussy and a cold toy in the mouth brings immediate silence.

Lots of drool and an upset baby. Also the poops change and a diaper rash could form. amymccarty at hotmail dot com

Lots of drool and a very fussy baby. She also chews on everything!

Lots of drool and a very cranky baby.

Lots of drool and a very cranky baby!

Lots of drool and a very cranky baby.

Fussy, chewing everything and drooling a lot.

Fussy, grumpy mood. My son's going through this right now.

when they start to drool alot and want to bite on everything.. and ofcourse they get beyond fussy.

My babies always get a little cranky and they start to drool and chew on everything. Thankfully we don't get diaper rashes very often when they are teething.

the drool is like a waterfall.

Tons of drool and chewing on his hands.

I know some of the signs are drooling, fussiness, some can get a fever or diaper rash. My son has been drooling since he was two months old, but we never knew when a tooth would pop up. He has just breezed through all of his new teeth.

Fussy, clingy, chews on everything, swollen lip and gums. Top two teeth have been horrible for poor baby girl :(

not there yet, but all the drooling and gnawing has got to be leading somewhere!

My son is teething now, and he had horrible diaper rash, drooling and biting are clues too.

Fussiness, drooling, and biting when nursing.

Excessive drooling, putting hands in mouth, chewing on everything.

we got a really bad diaper rash when teething, also we chewed on everything! and the drool! as we got older we just got fussy.... (down to 2 more eye teeth till 2 year old molars)!

My son always drools, so that's not a sign for us. A drippy nose though, usually means teeth.

I've heard drooling is a sign!

With my first it was drooling, stuffy nose, & obviously chewing on 2nd is entering into this phase currently! :0)

My daughter usually gets a bumpy rash when a tooth is getting close to cutting through, and occasionally she'll drool pre-tooth too. Usually that rash is a tell-tale sign for us though!

Drool and trying to shove whole hand in mouth to chew on!

Drooling and biting on things was a great indicator. Also, extra grouchiness.

my son really hasnt shown any signs except for maybe wanting to be more cuddly

I never know my little ones are teething until they've already popped a tooth! The top 2 and bottom 2 go by unnoticed usually, it's the rest that make my babies extra fussy and drooly!

Gets cranky and pulls at his ears some. But w the amber necklace we don't notice it much anymore.

Cranky baby + biting fingers.

With my oldest he woke up constantly, with my middle child the sign of teething was teeth, and with my youngest she is clingier to a point.

Chewing on fingers and hands.

Both my kiddos got bad runny noses and a cough for every tooth they ever cut. I kept taking them to the dr thinking they had a cold and was told it was a tooth. And sure enough within a week it would usually break through!

My kiddos have had really easy teething. Normally I find new teeth when they bite me with them lol

my son had no symptoms he just woke up with teeth, I suppose he was drooling a lot

We haven't hit teething yet, but there sure has been a lot of chewing and drool for months now~

Chewing on everything in sight and drool! Oi, the drool!

After months of pain free breastfeeding, my son suddenly started biting, pulling and sucking really hard.

My son has been drooling like a faucet and eating everything in sight for 5 months. These teeth need to get here already!!!

My daughter chews on her pacifier a lot and then wakes up in the middle of the night, wide awake. Next day or two there's a new tooth!

Drooling and chewing on fingers

Drooling, diaper rash, flushed cheecks, cranky, YIKES!!!

I could tell my girls were teething because they began chewing on EVERYTHING!

Oh my, excessive drool and chewing on everything they can get their hands on, if not their hands themselves are signs that my little ones are teething.