November 27, 2012

Mama Cloth, All summed up!

Mama Cloth has to be one of my favorite things to write about and talk about. After cloth diapering and seeing all the cute little fluffy cloth diapers for baby, the mama could only help but wonder about cloth and reusable options for her needs as well.  After all, most mama cloth is made from the same materials as cloth diapers.

Some of the reasons that I use Mama Cloth for would be because of the fact that I feel they are cleaner, environmentally friendly and free of toxins, they do not get stuck to my personal areas because there's no adhesive, and they do not make you as hot as the disposables. Breathability is an important factor to consider for feminine hygiene and health.  Plus I really love that they do not sit out in our landfill waiting for decomposition like disposable menstrual products.

Mama cloth is so extremely easy to care for that it makes it really easy to switch. Once it
becomes soiled just simply rinse it out with cold water and then throw in with your normal laundry. It is really no different than washing your cotton undies. The only different thing that you may want to do is to lay it flat to dry. I found that using a dryer will cause it to bunch up, depending on the brand and style, and become uncomfortable.

Many feel that mama cloth is too nasty to bother with, but all in all I think it is just as natural as using cloth diapers. It is your body, not someone elses, and it is another way of being more eco-friendly and less wasteful.  Try it, I bet you'll fall in love with the ease of use and comfort of using Mama Cloth!  

Authors Bio:
My name is Ashley, but I like to use my first and middle name Ashley Suzanne, for all my online purposes, since I am still waiting on Mr. Right to come along and change my last name. I am a 21 year old pre-nursing student, and I am still living at home with my parents, I refuse to live alone! I dream about my future family along with cloth diapering, homeschooling, and raising my children in God’s amazing love and grace. Even though I am not a biological mother yet, I still consider myself a mother hen to all the little ones, and bigger ones that come in and out of my life. God has truly given me a passion for nurturing. In my free time I enjoy blogging, collecting baby items, reviewing items, entering giveaways, schooling, and reading. I love that there are things I can focus on and learn at this time now, so that whenever I am blessed with my own little family then I can truly be the wife and mother that God has planned for me to be.