October 18, 2012

You've heard of Mama Cloth...What about Grandma Cloth?

Article shared with the I Love Cloth Diapers Blog by The Cloth Diaper Geek

"It's like sitting on a cloud!"  That's what she said... 

We talk about mama cloth all the time for a menstrual alternative, but did you know that mama cloth cloth could also be referred to as "Grandma Cloth?"  Yes my mom would totally kill me if she knew I was writing this, lol.  But it's the truth and I felt it was important to share.

Mama cloth is great for many reasons; health, comfort, the environment and our pocket books.  But have you ever considered that there's a whole other generation of women out there just waiting to be enlightened about the existence of mama cloth?  Yes, you heard right, grandmas!

Now I'm not one for really talking about such things, mainly because the thought of really getting old terrifies me,  but fortunate for me my mom comes to me with these sorts of topics.

Hadn't you heard?  As we females age we may or may not begin to experience incontinence, and there's a good chance it will be on a pretty regular basis.  My first experience with this was after the birth of my daughter.  She was about 1yr old and I was...26!!!!!

I decided to join a gym and lose a little weight.  I put her in the childcare room and headed off ambitiously to a kickboxing class, luckily an all female one.  Ready-Set-Warm up time!  The instructor hands us all a jump rope and says "got to it!"  I begin jumping, mind you it's probably been about 15 yrs since I had jumped rope, but I was confident I could do it, duh!

So what do you think happens?  A couple jumps into it and I pee all over myself! I mean it just came right out! No control at all.  Very surprising AND very embarrassing!  Now I'm not a quitter and the class was only moments into getting started so I had to go up to the teacher and explain.  She assured me that it's normal and happens all the time...yeah right! So I grabbed my kid and left, in a hurry!

What's this got to do with my mom?  Well she's a grandma, she's past her childbearing years, no more monthly cycle but it came to my attention that she still uses a LOT of light flow maxi pads.  I was astonished.  I should have known but it really didn't occur to me.  Turns out she really doesn't need them every day but wears them just in case because she never knows when she will.

I was really excited to turn her on to mama cloth.  She wasn't opposed at all, in fact she commented after she tried them that it felt like she was sitting on a cloud!  I'm so glad that she likes them and I am happy to have had the opportunity to tell her about them.

So the bottom line is...Mama Cloth works for Grandmas too!  So spread the word, tell your Grandmother or Mother about Mama Cloth today!

This is a republished article was previously posted on the Cloth Diaper Geek Blog.  Julie, the Cloth Diaper Geek is a former Knickernappies retailer and is a cloth diaper advocate.  You can visit the Cloth Diaper Geek Blog here.


I had a good chuckle over this, because a close friend of mine was just telling me a couple weeks ago how horrified she was that she went jump roping and peed a little on herself! Ahh, the joys of mommyhood. Very relevant post, thank you!