October 22, 2012

The 411 on Cloth Diaper Covers!

One alternative to using cloth diapers is to use cloth diaper covers. Once you decide to use covers for your diapering needs you will need to make sure to research how to wash that specific material. The cotton and wool covers are the only ones that require special attention and measures, whereas all the others are pretty standard.

Cloth diaper covers have one advantage on regular cloth diapers and that is the fact that they can be used in circulation longer than the normal cloth diaper. If a small spot appears on the cover just simply hand wash and hang to dry, but after three to four days the covers do need to be washed.

We use the standard diaper cover shells that are made out of the same TPU or PUL material as the diapers, so when we wash our covers we just fasten any Velcro and then wash as normal. We start out by using a cloth diaper safe detergent and then let them wash and go through an extra rinse. Since air drying prolongs the life of the cover, we hang them up outside throughout the day after washing. If do however choose to tumble dry them, make sure to do so on the lowest setting.

Fleece cloth diaper covers, however are a different species of their own. They can be washed and dried on any setting. If they begin to leak then add in a bit of fabric softener and it will add a layer of residue to prevent more leakage. DO NOT add any fabric softener for any other cloth diaper cover material.

Our favorite cloth diaper covers to use are the PUL kind. I especially love the Thirsties brand with the aplix. We currently use one insert and have no leaking problems. I personally love using cloth diaper covers, because there is no stuffing and they allow for more usage in a circulation.

Have you tried cloth diaper covers yet?  How do you like them compared to pocket diapers and other methods?

My name is Ashley Suzanne. I am a 21 year old pre-nursing student. In my free time I enjoy blogging, collecting baby items, dreaming about my future family. In the meantime I love to learn more about cloth diapering, homeschooling, and raising my children in God’s amazing love and grace through family and friends!


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