October 13, 2012

How to wash a Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diaper

Washing cloth diapers seems like a no brainer right? Well if you're new to cloth diapers or have yet to try or even buy your first cloth diaper, you might be researching just how to wash them.

This post is going to feature FuzziBunz pocket diapers however much of what is discussed can be applied to similar brands.

Fuzzi Bunz makes pocket style cloth diapers in both sized (Perfect Size) and one sized (Elite).

Getting Started

Starting with a soiled diaper, the first thing you should know is that you will need to remove the insert. Removing the inserts and placing the and the pocket diaper shells into the diaper pail or hanging wetbag together makes laundering them much easier. When cloth diaper laundry day arrives, the LAST thing you'll want to be doing is digging around in the soiled diapers to remove the inserts at the last minute before washing.

If your soiled diaper requires rinsing, you'll want to take the diaper to the toilet to spray off with your diaper sprayer. Hold the edge of the diaper on the rim of the toilet with the remainder of the diaper hanging inside the toilet and spray downward. To wring out the diaper use the edge you had been holding on to and roll the diaper down, like a burrito, to wring out excess water into the toilet. Then place it in your diaper pail or hanging pail.

The next thing you should know is that Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size Pocket Diapers do have adjustable leg and waist elastic to give them their one size abilities. You DO NOT need to undo the elastic to wash the diaper. Leave your Fuzzi Bunz on the setting you need until your baby outgrows that setting and you need to make adjustments to accomodate.

On laundry day place your dirty diapers into the washer and run a rinse cycle. I have a top loader, so I would leave the top open and let the washer fill, then agitate them for a minute or two, open the top again and let them soak for 15-20 minutes before closing the top and allowing the rinse cycle to finish.

Follow your rinse cycle with the washing instructions according to which ever cloth diaper safe detergent you choose. Make sure you're using the recommended amount for that brand, each brand is different and using too little detergent can cause major issues with cloth diapers.

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket diaper shells will not take as long to dry as their inserts so you should consider taking the shells out when they're ready and then allow the remainder of the load to continue drying. The more you can reduce unnecessary dry time, the longer you'll preserve the life of your diapers.

Lastly, we have re-stuffing. Re-stuffing is a matter of preference. Some prefer to stuff them right out of the dryer and some stuff one at a time as neeed at the time of diaper changes.

So there you have it! Washing Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers from A-Z!