October 5, 2012

Choosing the right Cloth Diaper Detergent for you.

There area lot of things to consider when choosing a cloth diaper detergent.  What works for one is not necessarily what will work for you.  Certainly fellow cloth diapering families have their favorites and ones they swear by, don't let it get you down if their recommendations turned out not to be your cure all cloth diaper detergent.

Choosing a cloth diaper detergent
Look for a detergent that is free of fabric softeners and fragrances designed to make your laundry smell good.  Both work to coat your diapers and laundry in order to achieve their goals of "soft" and "smelly."

If you're looking to use a special detergent for your diapers and not the rest of your laundry, make sure they're compatible.  Some cloth diaper or natural detergents require that you prep your washing machine before using it, if you've been using another detergent.  So going back and forth having to do this is not going to be cost effective and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Consider your water type.  Hard water, soft water, water softening system, city water?  These are all factors you should educate yourself on.  Sever detergents have come out with boosters or treatments for those with extreme water conditions.

Washing machine type?  Front loaders are notorious for using less water.  They also eliminate your ability to soak your diapers in the washer before washing.  Make sure you're using an HE detergent and one that works well with front loading machines.  There are lots of front loading tips and tricks on the web that you can google which will share with you ways to add extra water to your diapers and make them easier to launder.

Lastly, remember that you may have to try several detergents before you find the one that works for you, so don't become discouraged.  Do your homework, make sure you're using the recommended amount per that detergent manufacturer's guidelines, know your water type and washing machine and if it's not working for you then move on to try another.  Often you can even purchase samples.

Cloth Diaper Outlet has done a lot of research and testing within their own home and only provides you with options that have worked for them.

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