September 4, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Win a Diaper Sprayer or Save 15% this week only!

Trophy Tuesday time!  This week's TT Giveaway is a great cloth diaper accessory, the Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer!

Diaper Sprayers can require an investment and many cloth diapering families end up trying to go without as a result.

This week you can save 15% off the purchase of a Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer when you use code TROPHY at checkout or you can enter our giveaway and you just might WIN one!

Diaper Sprayers are considered a must-have cloth diaper accessory by many and they've got moms and dads not wanting to live without them!
The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! It is especially helpful for babies eating solid foods. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray. Reinforced fittings for years of leak-free trouble free use.  Great also for washing out toddler potties and potty training rings. 

The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is a complete kit fully assembled for your convenience.  The complete package includes trigger operated sprayer, flow control valve, compression connectors, wall bracket (which hooks to side of toilet easily), screws, and anchors.

Knickernappies provides a 1 year warranty on their diaper sprayers! 

Win It! Enter to win a Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer from Cloth Diaper Outlet via the Rafflecopter form below.

Sale!  Purchase a Knickernappies Sprayer this week at Cloth Diaper Outlet and use code TROPHY for 15% off!

*Giveaway is open to the USA & Canada.  Winners entries will be verified.

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We use wetbags/pail liners and cloth wipes. Don't have a sprayer but would love to have one for our next baby!
tvpg at aol dot com

I would love to win. Thanks m.walker03 at

We don't have a sprayer, but we do have a variety of wetbags, including Fuzzibunz hanging pails (which I'm not especially pleased with; they haven't lasted as long as they pretend they're going to). We use homemade flannel wipes, too.

I use wetbags, cloth wipes, diaper cream, snappis, boingos...but no sprayer yet!

I use cloth wipes, wet bags, pail liners, and a sprayer. I want to win this sprayer for my mom's house! She has 3, soon to be 4 cloth diapered grandchildren!

I am just getting started and waiting for my lil boy to come...I have some pockets and a TON of prefolds...Just got 2 fancy pants pockets and kawaii covers yesterday

I use Thirsties Fab Wipes with Ruby Moon Wipes Bits. I also use Wet bags and pail liners. I would love to win a diaper sprayer as my son will be starting on solid foods shortly!

I do have a diaper sprayer, but would like to gift this to my friend who can't afford one!

I use cloth wipes, pail liners, and wet bags, but no diaper sprayer. I have been wanting one since #1 started solids, and now with #2 here, we need one even more. Winning one would be a dream!

We use cloth wipes, a pail liner, wetbags, snappis, CJ's....we don't have a sprayer though, they are still out of our budget. We have 2 in cloth, a one year old and a 2 year old.

We use a wet bag. We don't have a sprayer yet but we definitely need one!

I love my Planet Wise wet bags!

I'm going to cloth diaper my first child so I'm collecting all sorts of accessories now, sprayer, cloth wipes, diapers and inserts!! I also love the wet bag I won from Planet wise!!

We have a cd sprayer, wipes, wet bags and pail liners!

I use cloth wipe right now. I love them!

I use a variety of diapers and my own homemade cloth wipes and wetbags. I would love to have a sprayer, but we haven't tried one yet.

We use liners but would love to try a sprayer!

I use cloth wipes and a wetbag but don't have a sprayer. I would love one

We use cloth wipes, and put them in a wipes warmer so that they're always ready to use. It's easy, and I can't imagine why people use disposable wipes with cloth diapers!

We use cloth wipes, wetbags, snappis, and liners. No sprayer yet, but babe is still EBF. Hopefully I can get one before things start getting wonky!

I actually don't own any cloth diapers or accessories! Yet! I'm still researching all the different types and brands before I make the big purchase :)

We use wetbags, snappi's and fleece liners. We haven't tried a diaper sprayer yet, but would love to!

We use diaper pail liners, planet wise wet bags and cloth wipes. I would love to win so I could try out a diaper sprayer!

i have 3 wetbags but there small and planetwise clothwipes and the lil bag to go with it ... i do not have a sprayer but i would love one!

I use wetbags, pail liners, cloth wipes, and a sprayer.

I use pail liners, wet bags and cloth wipes. I don't use a wipe solution, just water. I would love a diaper sprayer for when my daughter starts solids!

We don't use any. I just throw them in the washer.

We use cloth wipes and wetbags. We don't have a sprayer, but desperately need one. Would love to win!

We use flannel wipes(homemade) , a couple of pail liners and a couple of wet bags.

I am just starting my CD journey and the only accessory I have so far is a smallish wetbag. I am looking at buying a larger one and also at purchasing some extra natural fiber inserts. This is a fun journey!

we use cloth wipes and wetbags

I am just starting out in the world of cloth diapers. So far I have a pocket diaper, a OS diaper and 3 micro inserts.

I have 2 wet bags and cloth wipes.

I'm just starting out with cloth diapers, so I need everything.