September 24, 2012

Reasons to LOVE Hyrbid Cloth Diapers!

It used to be all or nothing.  You were either camp "disposable diapers" or camp "cloth diapers."  Not until recently has hybrid cloth diapering become an actual option.

Hybrid Cloth Diapers are diapers with a reusable diaper cover that can be used with either cloth or a disposable insert.  They're so versatile that you can use the cover with a cloth insert, doubler, tri-folded prefold, fitted, flats or another absorbent combination of your choice. 

Don't want to bother with cloth for some reason?  Perhaps you'll be traveling, camping, out running errands ALL DAY and don't want to have to carry a wetbag or soiled diapers?  Then you choose the disposable/biodegradable inserts.

Both Flip Diapers and GroVia Diapers are two companies that bring you an excellent, highly rated, versatile hybrid cloth diapers system.

GroVia Shells (just the waterproof outer) retail for approximately $16.95 each.  Then you choose whether you want to purchase their BioSoakers or Cloth Boosters, or use the shell with some diapers, inserts, etc. from your existing stash.

Flip Diaper Covers (just the waterproof outer) retail for approximately $14.95 each.  Again, giving you the option to purchase their one size inserts or disposable inserts.

The disposable inserts for both the Flip and GroVia work similar to a maxi pad.  You lay them in the diaper cover and they stick on with light adhesive.

Both great covers come in a one size option which means they should fit most babies from birth through potty training.  This also means you can use them on children of different sizes/ages at the same time without having to purchase different sized diapers for each.

These are just a few of the reasons you'll love Hybrid Cloth Diapers.  Have you tried them yet?  Which do you prefer?