September 10, 2012

Are you over complicating cloth diapering? It's easy, here's why!

Cloth diapering can seem super overwhelming, especially if you've never seen any in person before. You're suddenly bombarded with a whole new set of vocabulary words to learn; AIO, Pocket, Stuffin, Doubler, Insert, Liner, Fitted, Semi-fitted, Stay-dry....what???????? The even harder part is that if you haven't had a chance to see and feel how all these things look and work in real life, the chances are that you're waaaaay overcomplicating them in your head.

I know, it is enough to make your head explode but it really isn't all that complicated. If you're new to cloth I am about to really make your life a lot simpler. Here's what you need to know!

A prefold is an insert, a stuffin, a doubler, a liner, a diaper and then....Really! I just want to make it super clear that once you have a stash built up of all the different cloth diapering diaper styles and their various accessories, they are all very interchangeable.

Let's break the rules together!

If something has a pocket then you can stuff it. You are not limited to stuffing it only with what it came with. The cloth diaper police will not come and take you away. Have a little fun. Try stuffing your favorite pocket with a tri-folded prefold and topping with a micro insert for overnight. Try tri-folding the prefold with a hemp doubler inside!

Try not stuffing a pocket diaper! Use it as a cover over your favorite fitted. Use it as a swim diaper. Live a little!

Have a favorite cover? Try using your inserts instead of a fitted or prefold inside. Simply lay them in, double them up, top with a fleece or disposable liner and see what happens. Have you just invented your very own new AI2 diapering system using what you already have in your stash? Wahoo!

Ran out of doublers? Try cutting your prefolds in three and sew the edges. Voila, instant doublers/inserts.

The purpose of this pep talk is just to let everyone, especially newbies, know that finding your own personal favorite method of diapering means you should experiment. Your popular brand OS diaper may be leaking at night with the inserts it came with and you might just be one extra doubler or prefold away from finding your best overnight solution.

Just because something is a "doubler" doesn't mean it can't be used as an "insert."

I encourage you to try switching up your diapers, covers, inserts and accessories and see what happens. Some things may not work and others might work better than you could have ever imagined!

Anyone found any crazy cloth diapering combinations that work for you? Leave us a comment we'd love to read them.

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