August 21, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Win a Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Tote and save 15% Off this week only!

The FuzziBunz® Diaper Tote provides a secure and convenient way for you to store your soiled FuzziBunz® diapers when on the go. Simply put your dirty FuzziBunz® diaper into the diaper tote, zip the top and then store until you can transfer the diaper and tote into your diaper pail at home. Choose from a variety of colors to match your FuzziBunz® diapers!
**Wash your FuzziBunz® Diaper Tote with your FuzziBunz® diapers for added ease and convenience *
Materials: 100% polyurethane laminated outer poly knit. Size: 12.75in x 12.75in

Diaper Wet Bags even go beyond the cloth diapering years and are a versatile accessory you'll love having on hand.  Carry extra cloths, dirty clothes, wet swimsuits, toiletries or even use as an overnight bag.

My personal favorite is to bring my zippered wetbag to the beach so that I can keep my important things like wallet, cell phones, keys, etc. away from water and sand.

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The wetbag is perfect for the beach once I no longer need it for cloth diapers.

Use it to hold wet swimsuits or towels!

I haven't started to use it for cloth diapers yet but when you no longer need it for them I can imagine it would be great at the beach!

I love to use our wetbag to hold wet swimsuits!

They would be perfect for the wet dog towels after taking them swimming!

After I no longer need this bag for wet/dirty diapers, it will be a great bag to take to the pool and/or beach for swimsuits and towels.

I use my extra wet bag for holding wet dish cloths/towels in the kitchen before they make it to the laundry.

We just moved to the coast so this would be perfect for the beach!

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I would use a wetbag for swimsuits or in the diaper bag for cloth diapers

Everyone's said it already, but wetbags make great post-pool totes! No need to have wet towels moistening everything else!

The wet bags would be great for beach trips

Dirty clothes when we are out and about-- they spill things on themselves at EVERY AGE!

I like to keep an extra one in the car as it seems I almost always forget to stuff one in the diaper bag.

I would use it for cloth diapers or the swimmming pool

Cloth diapers, swimsuits or in the car or traveling

I have used wetbags for cloth diapers and swimming.

I of course would use it for diapers but it would work great for wet swimsuits and for traveling

i would use it for swim suits

Wet bags are great for days at the pool and my little girl's swim lessons.

I use it for swimming gear. But I've also used my wetbag as a place to organize the stuff I want to put into the bottom of the stroller once we get to our destination and unfold the stroller. My diaper bag doesn't fit under the stroller, so I take the essentials out and leave the diaper bag in the car. The car is usually close enough that if we really need something, we can go out to the car to get it. Once we are ready to head home, I take all the stuff from the stroller and put it back into the zippered wetbag.

i would use it for dirty clothes and during the summer for swimming.

we always have a wetbag in the car for the unexpected rain storm (we live in florida... people get unexpectedly soaked all the time :) )

Perfect for the pool or beach!

When no longer in use for diapers, a bag like this one is for wet swimming things :) and potty training misses :(

Wet swim clothes, or to store kids shoes while traveling!

Use it to hold wet things! Like swimming wear. :)

We use our wet bags for wet swimsuits and towels! They are also great for hold old/wet cleaning towels or napkins. Oh and let's not forget about mama cloth and wipes!
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