August 7, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Enter to win Ruby Moon Detergent or Save 15% this week only!

You might remember Heather's post recently when she added Ruby Moon Detergent to Cloth Diaper Outlet's line up.  She's a fanatic about truly trying and testing products, especially detergents, before she agrees to carry the line and offer the product to her customers.  After all, it's important to know a product works and how it works before being able to confidently recommend it.

So, for a couple months now, Cloth Diaper Outlet has been using Ruby Moon at home on their cloth diapers and selling it successfully to it's customers.

This week, we're giving you a chance to win a bag of Ruby Moon Detergent and a chance to save 15% off Ruby Moon when you buy it this week only.

Ruby Moon Detergent, a cloth diaper safe detergent was crafted especially for delicate skin and keeping your diapers tremendously clean. Our zero build up formula never leaves a residue on your diapers and can eliminate your need to strip your diapers and hassle with a complicated wash routine!

Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent is
• All Natural
• Vegan/Cruelty Free
• Biodegradable and Good for the Environment
• Works in all water types
• Phosphate, Enzyme, Optical Brightener, Fabric Softener and Soap free

Each bag contains enough cloth diaper detergent for 45 loads of diapers in a top loader and 90 loads in a HE washer. No other cloth diaper safe detergent will leave your diapers this fresh and odor free so easily!

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Prewash cold, double rise.

spray your diapers after use to avoid ammonia buildup

Use the right amount of detergent, especially in a front-loader. Too much and you get build-up and stink issues. And use a water softener if you have hard water.

I do a cold pre-rinse, hot wash, and double cold rinse. I just use Tide detergent- we have hard water, and it works the best. I would love to be able to use something natural, so if I win some Ruby Moon and that works as well as everyone says it does, I'd be very happy :)

I would be in the struggling category! I can't seem to get rid of the ammonia smell in some of my pocket inserts! I've tried several recommended approaches and nothing has worked! Grrrr!

Add 1/2c baking soda to natural fabric washes to keep them smelling fresh & clean!

Well, I am starting cloth diapering in Dec when my baby will be born, but I love reading all the tips!

Rinse your nighttime diapers in the morning!

I'm learning with my HE washer that I have to add extra water...not only to the wash cycle, but to the rinse cycles as well.

Don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. It will ruin the absorbency of your diapers.

With my machine I do an extra cold cycle at the end to get th detergent all out. I'm still trying out detergents to see works best with our hard water.

what works well for us is rinsing the inserts before tossing them into the pail. sounds like more work, but really, i'm washing my hands anyway, i just rinse them before i wash my hands and toss them in the pail. no smell at all. i also use an awesome all-natural detergent by melaleuca.

i do a soak on every wash. never had a stinky load.

I am new to cloth diapering so I'd love to hear tips myself.

More water is not always best, but too little water is not good either. If you have a traditional top-loader with multiple water level settings, try varying the level to see what works for you. You need enough water to flush out the dirt but not so much that the diapers have too much freedom to move around. It is the friction between diapers that gets the diapers clean.

i rinse the dirty diapers before i put them in the dry pail and wash them every other day. it helps keep them from getting stinky. if your inserts/fitted/->NON PUL<- items just won't lose the stink or leave rashes, boil them.

extra rinses are a good thing. you can never have too many

I handwash and forst I saok with detergent, then ater 20 mins , i soak them in cold water for 30 mins, its this soak that clears all smell and left over detergent

i always spray my diapers- even the pee ones- this helps with the ammonia smell. i really don't have a problem with that.

My biggest to for washing is if you want to avoid ammonia stink, pre-rinsing diapers is key! If the pee has a chance to dry and crystallize then ammonia can form.

Never skip the extra rinse! You want to make sure you get all the detergent out of the diapers!
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I'm in the struggling category,I alwasy pre rinse, wash on as hot as I can and double rinse but despite, stripping, changing laundery soap, bleach, vinegar and washing every other day it won't get the ammonia smell out. Next attempt is rockin green Ammonia bouncer but would love to try Ruby Moon too. I think my well water may be a big part of the problem :(

You can never over rinse. rinse rinse rinse

Don't get caught up in all the dos and don'ts. Just follow the manufacturer's directions.

Rinse cold before you wash!

That prewash is so important

Just use Tide original. works great. also if you do pockets, ai2 or covers and w/e insides, i found, if after you change diaper, rinse them then put them in your bucket/bag- helps reduce smell buildup!

rinse overnight diapers really well before putting them in the diaper pail to avoid ammonia buildup