July 17, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Win a Planet Wise Wetbag & Save 15% off this week!

Did you know that wetbags are just as addictive as cloth diapers?  Well they are, and for good reason!  They come in so many cute and stylish prints, sizes and with different features.

Planet Wise an amazing company who makes their wet bags right here in the USA are one of our top sellers here at Cloth Diaper Outlet.  Their quality construction and durability is second to none.

Planet Wise uses innovative seam sealing.  What is it?  Most waterproof material, when sewn, leaves tiny holes in the fabric allowing liquid to seep out over time. After a lot of research, Planet Wise Inc has discovered an innovative way to seal the seams so NO liquid can escape out the waterproof seams. Try it! Fill your bag with water and give it a squeeze!

The Medium Planet Wise Wetbag is 13"x16" and holds approximately 8-9 cloth diapers.

SALE:  Use code TROPHY at checkout and save 15% off the Planet Wise Wetbag this week only at Cloth Diaper Outlet.

GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a Medium Planet Wise Wetbag in the print of your choice from available stock.

Details, This giveaway is open to the USA & Canada.  Winner has 7 days to claim their prize.  All winners entries will be verified.

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I own a Bumkins wetbag that desperately needs to be replaced. I also have a mini wet bag by Planetwise that I use for wipes- it's GREAT!

Love my mini Planetwise for my wipes, need a replacement for my crummy Bumkins one for dirties.

I have 2 small GroVia ones that I got for free, and they're fine, but not zippered. I'd love to win a Planetwise one!

I have a planetwise wet dry bag in geometric studio. I really want the new monkey print!

I have 2 medium wet/dry bags & 2 large wet/dry bags in midnight curls.

I have a Fuzzibunz hanging wet bag, and two small for on the go. Need another good wet bag for daycare! Steph S.

I own 2 wet bags for my diapers but one of them is starting to leak a little and would love to replace it with a planet wise!

I have 6 wetbags. They all have a different purpose :)

I own 3 wet bags-one Planetwise Medium, One Wolby Bug and one AMP.
If I were to win this, I would choose the owl print!

I just have one so far, from an etsy store!

huntermb3 at gmail dot com

I need one for when I'm on the go. Planetwise is THE best!

I own two hanging diaper pails, and four or five wetbags (been having bad luck with zippers lately), but I've always wanted to try a Planet Wise bag!

I don't own a wetbag, and I'm still fairly new to cloth diapering!

OOOOH I really wanna try one of these!

Right now I just own 1 pail liner. No wet bags yet. Would love to have one.

I have a XL planetwise one but would like one more suited to diaper bag size

I have a small bag that only holds about 7 diapers, so I need a new one. I love the orange woods print!

I have a planet wise large planet wise bag that I use for daycare, another one would be great. I really like the new monkey print.

I have 1 medium Planet Wise wet bags that I LOVE for when we're out and about. My Diaper Rite one works fine but it's drawstring and just plain old white--boring! I also have 2 Planet Wise pail liner bags that have served me well thus far!

i dont own a wet bag. i really need one!

I have a Planetwise wet/dry bag that I take with me when we are out and about.

I have a medium Planetwise wet bag and love it! I'd love another one to use while the other one is in the wash!

I have 4 different Planet Wise wetbags already but don't actually have this size. I'd probably choose the pink daisy stripe

Huge fan of PW wet bags! I would love to try out some of the snack size bags and get one more wet/dry bag for summer swim trips!

i dont own one yet but am planning to CD when baby is here scg00387 at yahoo dot com

I have a bummis and a planet wise, but still need another one to bring diapers back and forth from daycare everyday

I have one large wetbag and one medium. It would be nice to have another so I could always keep one in the diaper bag

I have 1 hanging diaper pail and one for travel,but i'd love to try a Planetwise!

I own a hanging wet bag and one for the diaper bag. Also own a pail, liner!

Yes, I have a wet bag, but with baby #2 showing up next month I'd love to add a new bag for all the extra diapers!

I currently have one wet bag for home and one for the diaper bag and could definitely use another. Lol!

I am so new to cloth diapering that i ordered a wetbag and havent even gotten it yet. but im certain i need another one. it would be so awesome to win one. definately need one in a boy pattern.

We own a couple of wetbags, none of which I'm super thrilled about. We can always use a few more, since we have 2 in cloth they always seem like they are in the wash!

I would pick the Midnight Curl pattern! LOVE IT!

I don't own a wetbag but I do have pail liners.

I have a few wetbags, they are essential when you CD on the go! I'd love another back up bag, and I love planet wise bags and prints. =)

I love the prints on these!

I have one Planetwise wet bag and I LOVE it I have used it for so many different things! I would love to have another one!

I have three wet bags that we use ALL the time.
I'd have to choose Midnight Curl.

I have the wet/dry bag in black and white swirls. i would love a small one to carry with me :-)

I own 2 small planet wise wetbags, 1 mini planet wise wetbag, and 1 Kawaii baby wetbag. I love them all!

I'm just starting out with my first baby, so I don't have any yet!

I'd love a medium owl print bag!

I have several wet bags but only one Planet Wise and it's the small one! Would love a bigger one! I LOVE the Outer Space print!
tvpg at aol dot com

i do own a wet bag but i chose a small one as i am new to cloth diapering, i didnt know what i needed. i would love to win a planet wise wetbag!!! :)

I own a itzy bitzy wetbag. I like it okay, but I bought it local because I didn't know I could get one online and I paid 22 bucks. It wasn't worth it, but it has been going strong for 6 months.
I would love a planet wise wetbag I have heard great things. I may have to talk my H into a new one. ;)

I have three wetbags right now from Diaperpalz. I really like the lime cocoa bean print!

I just bought two inexpensive wet bags on eBay with no brand affiliation. I use PlanetWise diaper pail liners and would love any gender neutral wet bag!

I have ONE. But I'm always open for more. :)