July 24, 2012

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My very first cloth diaper was a red lil' joey. No, I don't use it anymore because my "baby" is 23 pounds!

My lil boy is in need of some new diapers! Ok, I just really want to buy more fluff!

Haven't started actually using them (baby due next month!), but the first cloth diaper I bought was a bumGenius Elemental AIO! I do still have it. :)

When I was pregnant I bought a stash of BG 4.0s and prefolds with Thirsties covers. My daughter has outgrown the prefolds, but we still use the BGs.

gDiaper was my first cloth diaper, yes we still have them. They were great when my son was teeny tiny.

We bought an assortment for our first purchase, but the first diaper my son wore was a Softbums Echo and yes, he still wears it!

Our First Cloth diaper was a GroVia AIO and we still like them and use them but we have grown our stash by many brands and kinds of diapers and love many different ones for different reasons / occasions :)

My first diapers I ever bought (that weren't passed on to me from my sister-in-law) were some Bummis infant prefolds. DD doesn't wear them anymore, but #2 will be in a month when he/she gets here!

Our first diaper was a Bamboo Baby AIO. We are still using it--we've only been cloth diapering for a couple months--and we really like it!

fuzzibunz and yes we still use and own it!

a fuzzibunz small. it was borrowed, so don't have it anymore. but the 1st one i bough is still in our stash and gets used about twice a week, since more than a year now.

Prefold from the diaper service.

My very first diaper was a diaper rite prefold in newborn with a Bummis super brite cover. I still use the prefolds in a larger size.

OsoCozy birdseye flats and we still use them as our primary diapers even though we have plenty of pocket diapers now!
oops I put this comment in the rafflecopter form instead of my name...mommy brain!

My first were small fitted thirstie inserts....we still have then but our lil guy is well out of them now..love them though...and the name lol

BumGenius 4.0! Still have it, still love it.

mine was a kushies. I learned quickly that I don't like those

My very first diaper was off Craig's List...large Happy Heiny's, which I haven't used yet, since my girl is only 13 pounds. :)

I have used my first new diapers, though...bum genius 4.0 (12 pack) and love them!

My first diaper was a Kawaii Baby pocket diaper. I have not used it yet because my baby boy isn't here yet!

Our first diaper was a blue Flip cover with awful prefold from BRU. Yes we still have it, but use a different prefold with it!

The first fluff I bought were bg4.o. What I use the most now starting out are gDipes and Thirsties duo cover with prefolds.

My first cloth diaper I bought was an Oh Katy. It hasn't been used yet as baby boy won't be here till October!

The first diaper I bought was the bumgenius 3.0. I still have it, but the PUL wore off, so we use it as a swim diaper now.

I am a long time fan of Cloth Diaper Outlet since it opened. I have no more babies but I love to buy gifts for showers. The favorite seems to be the Wabbanub's. They are so cute and useful.
Heather Duling

My first cloth diaper was actually an Econobum prefold/cover set. :) We use the covers occasionally, but prefer fitted diapers these days.

Bumgenius and I still use them

My first cloth diaper purchase was the gDiaper baby bundle. We've used everything in it and they worked perfect!

My very first cloth diaper would have been a newborn Bummis prefold and cover. I sold my newborn stash when ds outgrew them because we are done having kids.

The first cloth diaper I tried was a prefold with a flip cover. Still using both, with additions to my cover stash!

First diaper was an Econobum and yes, we still use it!

My first cloth diapers were BG 3.0's in small. Still using them.

I have never owned a cloth diaper. My sisters love them and I'm so excited to try them out.

my first diaper was one from a WAHM off etsy and no I do not still have it. It didn't work very well.

My first CD wa a Blueberry and nope I don't have it anymore - it was passed on!
tvpg at aol dot com

My very first cloth diaper was nb Grovia. We still have it, but obviously we can't use it.

My first cloth diaper was a small stash of Rumparooz. I still have them and love them!

I think GMD organic prefolds were the first I ordered, but a Tiny Tush Trim with a Bummis cover was the first we worse.

My first cloth diaper was a green flip diaper. I still have it, but let a friend who is just getting into cloth diapering borrow it.

-Katie Fender

Very first cloth diaper was a Grovia newborn AIO. It didn't work for us so it was sold off to fund OS diapers.

Prefolds and RealNappies covers. Yes I still have them and will be using them on baby 2 due in just a couple weeks!

The first cloth diaper I bought was bestbottom. I still use it but it's not my favorite.

Our first - which we're about to start using - is FuzziBunz OS Elites!

The first cloth diaper that I ever bought was two months ago. It is a BG Freetime in mirror and I like it a lot. Since then I have built a stash with a variety of different kinds of diapers...so fun!

Our very first cloth diaper was pink bumgenius 4.0 that came as part of the trial package from Jillian's Drawers.. we still have it and use it all the time!

my first clothie was the Flip diaper. i thought the versatility would suit me. i still have them, and i still use them but i think i preffer pocket diapers at home and flips when we are out and about.

Our first diaper was a one size Fuzzibunz and we still use it 6 months later.

Our first cloth diapers were a lot of used Happy Heinys. We have since sold them because they were sized and we went to one size!

My very first cloth diaper was a Bumgenius 3.0 and we still use them (and love them).

This is our first time with cloth diapers...we're excited to start!

My first cloth diaper was a kawaii and yes I still use it and love it!!

Always could use some new diapers!

Very first diapers were Flips and I still use them every day!

My first CD was a Flip and I still love them!

I just started cloth diapering and I am trying to build my stash so I can use cloth full time :-)

my very first diaper was a babyland pocket. I dont use it anymore because I didnt like the fit

My first cloth diaper was a bumGenius 3.0. I got rid of it when the velcro stopped sticking, and switched to snaps.

My first diaper was Thirsties x-small covers. I used them for my second child as well (they're both too big for them now)

My first cloth diapers were a mixed set of 6 -- and I still use every single one them!

My first cloth diaper was a Flip diaper. It actually didn't end up working on my little guy, which I was totally bummed about :(

Just starting cloth diapering, but my first diaper was a baby luv diaper and I haven't used it yet, but will be doing so in the next few days!

my first was a fb and I still use it!