July 9, 2012

Three Great Cloth Diapers for Newbies!

Best Cloth Diapers for a Newbies 

So you’ve decided to cloth diaper your baby! Hooray! Making the decision to use cloth diapers is the easy part! Now comes the hard part of deciding which diapers to buy! I suggest starting with an assortment of different brands and styles of cloth diapers before committing to a really large purchase. This will help you decide what you like. Once you’re comfortable with the diapers you have, you can buy more of the ones you’ve fallen in love with! Below is a list of my top 3 recommended cloth diapers to start your stash.
  1. Bumgenius 4.0 : This one-size pocket style diaper is a great option no matter how old your baby is! The diaper fits from 8-35 pounds and is one of the top sellers in the world of cloth diapers. The pocket is easy to stuff and the generous size will grow with your baby. Just snap the rise to the smallest setting for a little one or unsnap it all the way for a newborn. The pocket allows for versatility in absorbency. You can start by using one of the microfiber inserts and add the second if you find you need a boost!
  2. Thirsties Duo All-in-one : This sized all-in-one diaper is perfect for the busiest of parents! Just wash after each use and put away! There’s no need for stuffing after washing. The soakers are sewn in. You just snap, or Velcro, onto your baby and go about your day! The colors and prints available in this diaper are adorable!
  3. Flip : I love this diaper for its adaptability! Get a Flip cover and then you can lie whatever insert you want on the inside. Just remember, no microfiber against baby’s skin. Flip covers are one-sized so you can use them just like the 4.0 listed above from about 8-35 pounds. The Flip system has the option of 3 different inserts. You can use a stay-dry insert for just regular day time. The top of the insert wicks away moisture. I love the organic insert for nighttime or heavy wetters, it’s super absorbent! And if you’re traveling, pick up a pack of Flip disposable inserts and you won’t have to worry about laundry! The best part is you can reuse the cover for multiple diaper changes. Just wipe it clean in between use.
There are many great cloth diapers available! Remember, babies are made in all shapes and sizes. So what works for one baby, may not work for another!

Jenny is a cloth diapering, stay at home mama. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession on her blog, Cloth Diaper Revival.