July 4, 2012

Celebrating the 4th with a Cloth Diaper Giveaway and Sale!

This week instead of Trophy Tuesday we're having a festive 4th of July themed Giveaway and Cloth Diaper Outlet has a really great sale too!

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You have from July 4th through July 9th to enter to win...
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Many easy ways to enter.  Utilize the Rafflecopter form below. (may not be visible on all devices)
Open to the USA & Canada.

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It's so hot today, over 100, so we're going to do something inside so our newborn doesn't get overheated. :) Thankfully there are plenty of kids indoor playspaces around!

We are going to the park near our house for a picnic, concert & fireworks in the park. Last year our little one cried when the fireworks started and I'm worried she'll be even more scared this year even though I've tried to prepare her!

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We will be spending the hotter parts of the day either inside (if it rains) or playing out in the pool.

We are going to my Aunt and Uncle's house. We do that every year. Our daughter even thinks their house = watching fireworks. :)

hanging out and having a bbq

We are meeting with friends to have a party.

hanging out with family and enjoying the day

We like to just relax and enjoy each other's company! A cookout is always nice too. :)

huntermb3 at gmail dot com

Absolutely nothing! Family time at home!

We went to a fair and concert and watched fireworks.

We are Canadians so the 4th is just a regular day for us. On Canada Day though we had fun spending time as a family and eating some yummy treats:) (our kids are still too young for the fireworks but hopefully when they are older we will do that too:)

Great themed giveaway. Could always use another wetbag and more covers.

We went to the parade, grilled hot dogs, and took naps. We shot some parachutes and smoke bombs and ate dinner with my sister and her family and went back home. We shot a few more fireworks, but mostly watched the neighbors and the city's fireworks show from our driveway.

We had a great time at the park with some friends who are fellow cloth diapering parents. Then we came home and took a nice long nap with our 4 yr old because that hot weather was exhausting! We picked some fresh veggies from the garden for dinner and finished out the day with a great fireworks show.

We hung out at the cottage, went to a carnival and watched fireworks.

Picked some cucumbers, peas, and carrots from our garden. Set off our own fireworks, and enjoyed the warm night.

I live in Canada but have family in the USA, we normally get together for a big bbq and some fireworks. I do the same for canada day also, food, friends and family...fun times:)

We enjoy grilling out and watching fireworks

I miss my Maine tradition of lobster and/or steak on the grill with potato salad and corn on the cob.

We LOOOOOOOVE fireworks! LO (7.5 months) loves em too

fireworks are my absolute fave, & we usually do a cookout. we're in colorado springs with the crazy fires, so none of the above this year!! my hubby worked & some girlfriends & i took the kiddos to the hot springs :)

We like to spend time with friends.

We moved away from home a couple months ago so we went back to visit for the 4th! Went to a carnival and hung out with family!

We're in Canada, so it's back to work for us on the 4th. But on the 1st, we watch the parade, visit, and just enjoy our family!

we went to a big family bbq and didn't get to see fireworks because it rained :( but we saw them on the 5th! ;D

This year we had a playdate with 2 new friends and introduced their mommies to cloth diapering.

I love CD'ing and would love to win some free fluff!

I love CD'ing. Just wish I had the money for more!

We like just being together as a family, visiting good friends and watching fireworks!

Going out on the boat with friends swimming.

We like watching fireworks from the botanical gardens.

Fireworks with neighbors

This year we hung out at home. We tried going to aee fireworks, but they were rained out.

usually it would be watching the fireworks, but those are tonight (saturday) and I'm not sure that a 10:15 start time for the show will work well with our 17mo's 8:30-9pm bed time

We haven't done anything since we moved for home. Usually we go to my parent's house and have a huge BBQ and lots of fireworks though.

unfortunately we didn't do anything on the 4th this year. DS had a fever. :( but we did go to a parade on the 3rd. it was so much fun and the kids had a blast!

we ended up going on base and spent the day there it was fun

We like to eat watermelon as we watch a few fireworks from home.

We like BBQing and watching the fireworks! That's exactly what we did this year! LOL
tvpg at aol dot com

We love being with family! We don't get to see many of them too often, so a chance to hang out with a beverage and talk is much enjoyed!

I'm Canadian, so we don't do July 4, but we have food, family, and fireworks on July 1!

We have a family reunion every 4th we go to.

My family BBQd, played in the park, and watched fireworks. Traditional Americana!

My family loves to eat my dad delicious smoked brisket! Unfortunately, hubby and I are too far away to enjoy that!

My mom used cloth diapers when me and my sister were little, I can't imagine using anything but cloth on my little ones.