June 7, 2012

Tips for more than TWO in Cloth Diapers!

I currently have two kids in cloth diapers. I did not cloth diaper my first but started when my second was a few months old. I started mainly as a way to save money but have always been slightly interested in cloth diapering. Here are a few tips I have learned

Keep each child’s diapers separate as best as you can.
I didn't do this at first (mainly because I didn't have enough for both kids) and I found that it complicated my diapering system. If you have a lot of sized diapers, than you are probably already doing this, but if you have a lot of one sized diapers, this could save you some time and potential leaks. If they each have their own diapers snapped to the setting that fits you won't have to waste time at every diaper change unsnapping and snapping and figuring out the best fit for that child. Also, if you are in a hurry and don’t snap to the correct size you will have a good chance of a leaky diaper. This will also come in handy if you have to battle something like a yeast infection. You won't’ have to worry about cross-contamination and you also won’t have to strip the entire stash.

Wash diapers every other day.
Now that my first is potty learning we have enough diapers to last more than a day or two but I still try and wash every other day. I don’t like the diapers to sit soiled much longer than that for sanitary and odor reasons. I will usually just start a load every other morning so that I can use the rest of the daytime to hang them out in the sun. This way I do not have to worry about waiting for the washed diapers to dry or having to throw them in the dryer because I am running low. I have enough clean diapers to let the freshly washed ones bask in the sun all day as their stains fade away.

Use a wet bag instead of a pail.
If you have two kids in diapers than that means you have at least two kids. This means that you don’t have time to clean out pails. I have a Wet bag that you can either hang on a knob or it stands on its own when filled with diapers. I like this because I can just pick it up and bring it to the laundry room. It saves time over the other options. Also, if I have a Dunk ‘N Swisher I can carry the whole bag to the toilet with me and then bring it back to the changing station.

Have different styles of diapers for different situations.
My collection of prefold and covers has increased greatly. I find these to be a great option for when we are at home. I just tri-fold my Unbleached prefold and lay it inside a cover, like Thirsties, or a hybrid, like Flips,and I can just replace the prefold if its not a messy diaper change. This can also be a good option to take out with you if you do not have a lot of room in the diaper bag. However, if you are going out and grandma is going to babysit both diapered kiddos than you might want an easier solution. Especially if grandma is not into cloth diapers. In this situation I would use an All in One like bumGenius Freetime because it’s the closest to a disposable diaper. I started out with a lot of pocket diapers but using them on two kids and having to double stuff them often led to extra time stuffing and adjusting inserts. Time that I would rather have to do something else.

About the Contrbutor:
Stephanie is a SAHM to Adah (2.5) and Abigail (8 months) and wife to her college sweetheart Michael. She is the blogger behind www.HousewifeMama.com where she hosts weekly reviews and giveaways for family-friendly products including cloth diapers, handmade toys and things for mom and dad too.


I'll have two in cloth this fall, so I was intrigued to hear your tips in those post! I was slightly confused, though, about your recommendation to use a wetbag instead of a pail - why would anyone need to spend time washing out a pail (even with only one child?) Do some people not use pail liners?