June 24, 2012

Snaps or Aplix Closure? Which do you prefer?

Snaps? Aplix? Which do you prefer? If you’re new to using cloth then even the terms may sound confusing. Both snaps and Aplix refer to the way you can fasten your cloth diapers on your baby. Snaps, as I’m sure you can imagine, simply snap into the diaper while Aplix (or AKA hook and loop) stick to the diaper.

Does it matter to you? A lot of it is preference so I’d like to submit my pros and cons lists.

Pros – Will not stick to anything else that is in the dryer or wash. Able to withstand wear better than Aplix because it doesn’t stick to everything!

Cons – Not conducive to a quick diaper change! More limitations on adjusting the size.

Pros – It’s sticky so you can change the diaper in a jiff. More control on adjusting the size around the waist.

Cons – Laundry tabs (a small square on the inside of the diaper where your Aplix can attach itself so that it doesn’t ruin your other diapers in the wash) can become worn. Aplix can become very worn and lose its ability to stick. There are replacements that you can sew on. It’s a pain though!

These are just my initial thoughts on the two and their differences.  Do you have a clear preference or do you have a stash that consists of both? 

Elizabeth (aka Bert) is a stay-at-home-mom and contributing writer for She Thinks Media. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Ben, her son Buggie, and daughter Lady Bug.  When she's not trying to convince Buggie to expand his interests beyond Thomas the Train or put his pants back on she's writing about her experiences as a mom on her blog, First Time Mom (FTM). After all, Bert maintains there's a first time for everything, even if you  have more than one child! 


Don't forget that most kids figure out how to remove an Aplix diaper much sooner than they do a snap one ;)

I'm all about the snaps. I've only got a couple of dipes in my stash that have aplix, so I've gotten really used to doing snaps. Really doesn't take that long. Although, most of my stash consists of prefolds, so I guess I've gotten used to diaper changes taking some time. :)

My stash consists of both but I prefer my WolbyBug snap diaper covers. I do like my BumGenius pocket diapers with Aplix because they're it's easier for care givers in the church nursery and my mother-in-law to change. And the pocket-style makes it easier to "prep" for them. I bought a few of my diapers used and notice that the Aplix doesn't stick well to the laundry tabs anymore so I get a "diaper snake" each time I wash them. That's a little annoying and time consuming to pull them all apart but it's worth it to help our care givers. :-)