June 8, 2012

Diva cup versus Lunette cup! How do they compare?

I've used the Diva Cup for several years and I recently tried the Lunette (see my review here).  I've thoroughly compared both to help you choose which one is best for you.  We carry both in our store, Cloth Diaper Outlet.
Both comparison cups are Size 2.

Both come with pouches to store your cup when not in use.
The stem on the Diva (left) is a lot shorter than Lunette's, but the Lunette's actual cup is shorter by several millimeters.  This could make a difference in comfort for women who have a low cervix or who have a short vagina.
Not my best photo, but you can see that the Lunette is shorter than Diva.
The rim on the Lunette (right) is a bit thicker and firmer, but the circumference of both cups is nearly identical.
You can see the circumference comparison best in this photo...nearly the same.  Lunette might be a millimeter narrower on the outside.

Diva (top) has a softer rim, making it squish more under pressure.  This makes folding it and holding it while inserting easier.  Lunette (bottom) has a firmer rim.  I find the firmer rim helps the cup to open better, so I think Lunette is easier to get into place. 

In short, Diva is a longer cup with a softer rim.  It's easy to fold, but can be hard to pop open once in place (thus the "Diva dance" where women do squats or kegels to get the cup to open).  

Lunette is a shorter cup with a firmer rim.  The firmer rim makes it harder to hold it while folded, but once in, it pops open right away and slides into place.  

For removal, I completely trim stems off of my cups so I have to grasp the pointed bottom of the cup. I think Diva is a little easier.  The bottom of the Diva is softer, as well, so it's easier to firmly pinch the bottom of the cup and pull it out.  The Lunette, being firmer, is harder to pinch but this is easily overcome with a little practice.

Overall, I like both cups.  Neither leak during the day and seldom at night.  Once in place, I can't feel either one at all.  I recommend both, though I recommend Lunette for beginners because of how easy it opens.  


I was wondering what the difference was. I only have the Lunette and I love it. I like that you're using the NIV as your weight. :o)

I swear my daughter's Bible is used for more than blog photos! It happened to be handy and kind of cute. Versus the waffle box I considered using. :)

So, I have a Diva Cup, and a Moon Cup and experienced much the same results. The Lunette cup and the Moon cup are near identical in the fact that they are firmer and pop open on their own. Where as I can't quite seem to get the Diva cup to 're-inflate' from it's squish, so to speak. I had to trim my stem on both of the cups for comfort purposes, to nearly non-existant. I'm really interested in testing out the Lunette cup now, for comparison purposes (and for the pretty colors!!). I think it will be a much better fit for me than the Diva Cup is. I do like the fact that my Diva cup has measurement markings on it though. Does the Lunette cup have those?

This is interesting, because I had the opposite experience. I wonder if the difference is that I have the smaller sizes of both? My Diva Cup is much more firm than my Lunette.

I love the Lunette, but it is the only one I have tried. It took about 2-3 months for me to really get the hang of it, but now I think it is the best thing ever! Plus I have switched to the Knickernappies menstrual pads, which are also great.