May 22, 2012

Trophy Tuesday, Lunette Cup Review, Giveaway and 15% Discount! Ends

Today's Trophy Tuesday is just for mama!  Cloth Diaper Outlet is excited to be a new retailer of the Lunette Cup and we're celebrating by offering a review, giveaway and 15% discount!

With our first wholesale order from Lunette, I had the chance to try a Lunette cup for myself.  I've been a menstrual cup user for years, so I was excited to try a new cup.  But I had the same concerns as a new cup user: will it leak?  Will it be comfortable?  Easy to insert and remove?

My cup arrived along with our store's order.  We bought the clear cups for our store, but my cup is a pretty blue.  Once it arrived, it was just a matter of waiting for the right "time".

Thanks to vacation, that time arrived 3 days early (though not during our vacation, thank goodness!)

First, Lunette is a silicone menstrual cup, completely safe and FDA-approved to use throughout a menstrual cycle.  If you're new to cups, they fit up inside, near the cervix, and catch the menses.  Two or three times a day, or as needed, the cup is removed, emptied, and usually cleaned, then reinserted.  It can be worn overnight, during the day, for swimming, during exercise, etc.

It comes in two sizes.  Size 1 is for women who've never had sex or who have smaller vaginas.  Size 2 is for sexually active women and women who've had kids.

Next, my personal review.  Since I have two kids, I got a size 2 cup.  The Lunette's rim is stiffer than my regular cup.  I found this made it really, really easy to insert.  Once I had it folded, I inserted and it popped open immediately.  A couple of Kegel's and it was right up where it needed to be.  But...I could feel the stem.  I always feel the stems on my cups and I always have to trim them completely off.  (I have three cups now, all different brands.)  I removed the Lunette and trimmed the stem all the way to the base.  Reinserted, then headed out for my morning run.  Running two miles with a new would it do?

Hooray!  The Lunette did just fine.  I never felt it, it didn't shift, and I was leak-free during my run.  Wore it the rest of the day and it was great.  Just as comfortable as my usual cup.  I had a little trouble removing it for cleaning because the bottom of the cup is also stiffer than my usual cup, but this was just the learning-curve to which I quickly adjusted.

That night, I cleaned it and thought about using my regular cup for overnight, just in case.  My regular cup leaks a little overnight, so I have to wear a fairly large cloth pad as back-up.  But a review isn't a review unless you give it a really good test, so I reinserted Lunette and went to bed.  Usually, with my regular cup, I wake up in the middle of the night with the gooey feeling (I know, tmi, but this is a period post!)  Bleck.  To my utter amazement, I woke up the next day and felt completely dry.  My pad was CLEAN.  Not a single drip all night long.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I'm in love.  If you can love a menstrual product, I do.  And I promise you, I'll be sleeping with it again and again.  :)

Since starting with menstrual cups 5 years ago, my period has gone from 5-7 days with tampons to just 3 days with the cup.  I don't know what they do to tampons and disposable pads, but it wreaks havoc with my cycle.  I love having a 3-day period!  So I wore Lunette for three days and three nights, cleaning it twice a day like usual.  I never once had a leak, not even on my heaviest day.  Halfway through day 2, I stopped wearing a pad because it just wasn't needed.

After my full cycle was complete, I cleaned my Lunette one final time.  Looks great, no staining or discoloration.  And I kind of can't wait until my next cycle so I can see if it works just as beautifully.  Honestly, I may never wear my old cup again!

Bottom line: I would recommend Lunette to anyone.  The stiffer rim made it super easy to insert it correctly and get it positioned.  No need to do "the dance" so often required with some other brands of cups; the Lunette slides right into place.

-Heather, Cloth Diaper Outlet

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