May 28, 2012

To SAVE or SELL your cloth diapers when you're through, that IS the question!

When considering cloth diapers one of the major benefits is the fact that you can save them for use on future children. Already having your cloth diapers paid for in full when your next little one comes along would definitely be nice and further demonstrate that cloth diapering can save you a ton of money over disposable diaper use.

However, once you're knee deep in cloth diapers and full-on addicted to fluff, you come to the realization that it's really no fun if you can no longer buy new cloth diapers!  You also, by this point, have realized there's quite a market for the buying and selling of used diapers.  In fact, there are whole websites dedicated to it.

Deep sigh of relief...You can complete your stash and then when you tire of a diaper or see one you really really want, you can sell some of your old ones or trade for it.

So, back to my original point, when you have a new little baby to diaper are you seriously not planning on buying any new diapers for that cute new little bum?

Chances are you've already thought about it and I'm willing to be that most of you will not and can not resist buying new cloth diapers for the new baby.  So you'll sell some of the old ones to finance the new?  Or even if you don't know when or if you'll have more children, will you save your existing stash or do you already plan to sell them when you're done and buy new ones when the time comes?

What are your plans and don't you agree that having a new baby that you can't or don't need to buy diapers for would be...boring?!


I'm going to have two in diapers at the same time, so my plan is to simply try to continue entering as many contests as possible in order to win oodles of free diapers, and then I can sell any I don't end up liking or simply enjoy the new diapers with the new baby ;) But since I started cloth diapering for the money savings, there is no way I could justify (to my hubby or myself) selling and buying a new stash! Any NEW diapers we get are bought by selling ones I don't like :)