May 9, 2012

5 Reasons Why Cloth Diaper Sprayers ROCK!

Why I Love My Diaper Sprayer

5.It’s kept my diapers nice and white. We’ve been using the same pocket diapers since my son was 8 weeks old. Even when he was only getting breastmilk, I used the diaper sprayer to spray off the dirty diapers. Now my daughter’s using the same diapers and they really look good as new!

4.It’s a great way to rinse off clothes that are victims to diaper blowouts! My son is the king of pooping. Yep, disgusting, I know. Our diaper sprayer has saved me from having to trek downstairs into our laundry room to rinse off the nastiness that’s escaped into his clothes. Plus, it puts that nastiness where it belongs – in the toilet.

3.Two words: Power Washing. If you’ve never used a diaper sprayer you’re in for a treat! You can easily adjust the water pressure to your satisfaction and trust me that little sprayer can muster up a lot of pressure! I’ve used my diaper sprayer to power wash my screens in our bathtub many time.

2.Unpredictability = waste. My son, when he was wearing cloth diapers, had what they call frequent toddler stools or something like that. Basically he pooped in his diaper all day long. I simply didn’t have the option to use a biodegradable liner like my friends had used. He had no pooping schedule so either I’d waste my money buying liners or I could use the diaper sprayer and rinse it off in the toilet. Best decision we made.

1.Being able to rinse off our potty training chair. I didn’t think when we made the decision to buy a diaper sprayer that we’d be using it for potty training but we have! It’s been an awesome way to rinse out my son’s little potty chair without using our sink or bathtub. If you haven’t gotten a diaper sprayer yet…ask yourself one question – why? I promise you won’t regret your decision. I know I haven’t!

Elizabeth (aka Bert) is a stay-at-home-mom and contributing writer for She Thinks Media. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Ben, her son Buggie, and daughter Lady Bug.  When she's not trying to convince Buggie to expand his interests beyond Thomas the Train or put his pants back on she's writing about her experiences as a mom on her blog, First Time Mom (FTM). After all, Bert maintains there's a first time for everything, even if you  have more than one child!