March 8, 2012

Protecting your cloth diaper investment by...spending more money?

Yes, cloth diapers are a feasible option for families and are often initially considered in order to save you money.  One of the ways families intend on saving so much by using cloth is because cloth diapers can be saved for future children, completely eliminating the need to buy diapers of any kind for those babies.

But wait, there's a catch.

If you calculate precisely how many cloth diapers and accessories you need to get through X number of days...that means that each item is going to be used the absolute maximum number of times.

Now cloth diapers are cute, and durable, and absorbent...but they DO NOT have super powers.  They will wear out and there are steps you need to take to protect your investment.

Here are some tips for prolonging the life span of your diapers...

Have extra diapers, covers and/or inserts.  The more you have the less hurry you'll be in to use them again.  That means you'll have more time to line dry your diaper pockets and covers.  This also means that your diapers will be getting used less often. 

Consider this, have ten diapers and need to wash them almost every day? That means each diaper is getting used 365 days a year. Imagine washing a t-shirt 365 times and see how well it holds up.  Have twice that many and your diapers will get used HALF as much.

Choose economical accessories.  Sure wetbags can seem pricey but there are affordable alternatives to the uber cute expensive kind.  The same is true for wetbags and pail liners as with the diapers mentioned above.  The less you have the more you use, the more you wash and the more quickly they'll wear out.

Use a diaper sprayer.  Diaper Sprayers generally cost between $35-$45 but they are worth it and once you give a mom a diaper sprayer...well she's not likely to ever want to go without it.  They help pre-rinse diapes before laundry day so that diapers smell less, have less staining and need less rinse cycles in the washing machine.

So what do you think?  Do these tips make sense?  Are you concerned with your cloth diapers wearing out before you get a chance to use them on future children?

Julie, Cloth Diaper Geek


    I already do these things, so hopefully my diapers will have a long and fluffy life :)