March 13, 2012

Bondi Band - Read about why the Bondi Band rocks and enter to win one!

Let me preface by saying...I'm not a runner.  I'm not athletic.  I'm barely above a couch potato.

Now let me say...that's not true anymore!  

In January, I'd finally had it with my weight-gaining slow-moving ways.  I started doing a little program called C25K (Couch to 5K), which is a beginner's running program.  Along the way, I discovered a very cool product: BondiBands.

Before you quit reading, know this: BondiBands are for everyone.  You, your kids, your husband, your dog.  You who exercise and you who don't.  You who sweat, and  you who have hair. And probably even you who don't have hair!

Bondi Bands are made to wick sweat away from  your forehead (or your whole head, or your neck, or possibly even your arms) while exercising.  But they're so cool that they're fabulous just for holding your hair back off your face.  Their Fashion line has some seriously fun designs.  I think I want one for every outfit!

From Bondi Band:
Our products are unisex, 100% American Made and perfect to be worn on their own or under other hats, helmets and visors.  Using stretchy, breathable material, allows Bondi Bands to fit virtually every head size and shape. Our fashion lycra fabric is fun and great for every day. In warm weather, our “No Slip, No Drip” moisture wicking headbands are great to wick away sweat, keep hair back and ear buds in ears and in colder weather they are also great to keep your ears warm.  Bondi Band donates 10% of pretax profits to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We also offer customized products.

The kind folks at BondiBand sent me a headband to try, along with another to give away to a lucky reader!

Until recently, I've been using a knit headband that I made for myself.  Knit, as in, made out of yarn.  It was great for winter to keep my ears warm, but it didn't wash very well and it didn't wick sweat well either.  I happened to get my sample BondiBand in the mail right before my first 5K race, which was Saturday.  Perfect timing!

The weather was a nice 45 degrees, but I still sweat a few buckets along the 3.1 mile route.  At one point, I touched my Bondi Band to see how it was doing.  It was soaked!  But sweat wasn't dripping into my eyes, so it was doing its job.  Once I finished the race, I left the headband in place.  It was literally dry within minutes.  Plus, it kept my hair out of my face for the whole run and it was really comfortable.  I forgot I was wearing it, as least until one of the gals at Mile 2 said "Great job!  I LOVE your headband!"  I wanted to shout "It's a BondiBand!"  but I was too busy breathing.  :)

I also have kind of a big head, so a lot of headbands slip off or hurt to wear.  Not BondiBand!  I wore it for probably 3-4 hours on Saturday and it didn't hurt at all and it never slipped out of place.  They're very stretchy so they'll fit anyone.

Me, pre-race, sporting my BondiBand!  And me near the end of the race, cool and smooth in my BondiBand!
In the end, I beat both of my personal running goals and I actually placed 2nd in my age class, earning me a cool green ribbon.  My next race is April 28 and I'm ordering BondiBands to match the race's theme!

I mentioned that BondiBands are also for kids, right?  BondiBand also sent a sample for my 6 year old daughter!  Here's her guest review:

I like the BondiBand because it's pretty and I love to wear it under my bangs.  When I played soccer it worked really good.  It fits good.  At first it rolled my hair up, but then when I started wearing it under my bangs, it soaked up a lot of sweat. And it fit a lot better under my bangs.  It's really good!  (Mommy's note: she not only wore it for soccer, but all night long and all the next day!)
Before soccer practice * During soccer

And now for the giveaways!  BondiBand has graciously provided us with two bands for giving away.  One is adult sized and one is child sized. 

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BondiBand products:
*ponytail hats
*pigtail hats
*neck gators
*kids' headbands
*dog kerchiefs
*swim caps
*Custom BondiBands
*and more!

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I work out a lot and it'd be great to keep my hair out of my eyes!

This would be awesome to use at the gym while I'm working out!!

I would love it to keep my hair back instead of those hard plastic headbands. I also plan to start walking soon, and this would keep the hair and sweat out of my eyes.

These look awesome and might inspire me to start working out! :D That's why I want to win one.

Honestly I don't work out much in the outdoors, but I'd love to have one for doing housework and keeping my baby from pulling the hair hanging around my face, without putting my hair up in a rubber band. Thanks!

Would love to use while working out this summer! :)

I'm pregnant with our first baby girl, due in July, and throughout these HOT Florida months these headbands would be GREAT to keep me cool!

I don't work out very much, but I really don't like having my hair in face. And this is so colorufl and fun looking - maybe I would be motivated to work out. :-)

The bondi band seems like the perfect solution for me. I run a lot, have to constantly wipe sweat from my face, and my hair is always falling in my face since it is too short for a full ponytail.

Would love to win a bondiband! Just started my weight loss journey in January and have been doing c25K too!!

I have never tried one and I am curious about them

Amanda Trujillo

I work out a lot and my hair get frizzy easily and gets in my face. This looks like a good solution!

I'm about to run my first 10K, & this would be awesome to keep my hair out of my face!! My hair is short, & nothing else seems to work!

Its very wind where I work and I also work out. So I need something to keep my hair out of my face.

I lvoe these, look sooo super awesome, and I love all the prints and styles too.. makes jogging look that much cooler!

I'm a sahm and need to keep my hair back from a very grabby baby. what a cute way to do it!!

Would love to win a Bondiband. I am a terrible sweater and have long hair to boot. This would be a great solution to 2 problems

I just started c25k also this would be great to keep my hair off my sweaty face

I love the llok, plus I am a runner!

Love to jog and this would be perfect!

My dd has little fine baby hairs all around her face and this would be awesome for keeping them back! Headbands don't really work because her hair is so fine the hairs still slip out of the headbands!
tvpg at aol dot com

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I zumba my booty off a few times a week and always have bangs in my face and sweat glistening all over my firehead. These sound like a lifesaver!

I'm about to have my first child and would love a practical solution to keeping my hair out of my face while working off that baby weight!

This would be great for the beach to keep my hair back so no shadow tan on my face.

~Seraphina S.

I think it be great for running with my baby :)

I would like a bondi band to keep my little hairs our of my eyes while running.
sadie beery at hotmail dot com

I have a large head also and have a hard time finding headbands that fit.

My head is tiny and normal headbands fall off!