February 20, 2012

Does baltic amber for teething pain really work?

I'd read about the benefits of Baltic Amber Teething necklaces for a while, and finally I made the leap to carrying them in our store.  Moms raved about them, but I still harbored secret skepticism.  Maybe they just thought it worked because their baby's tooth popped through?  Maybe it was just because they really wanted it to work that they thought it did?   Since my daughter was past teething age and our son hadn't even been conceived yet, we didn't have anyone to test it with.

Then I decided to try carrying adult baltic amber necklaces, often used in Europe to treat headaches, tooth aches, neck pain, and back pain.  I picked out the most beautiful ruby amber and when it came in, I was excited to give it a try.

Ever since our daughter was born in 2005, I've suffered from chronic shoulder pain.  I even underwent 10 weeks of physical therapy.  Tylenol, Advil, and even Vicodin didn't dim the pain at all.  Only a long string of PT exercises brought relief.  Thankfully the pain wasn't daily, but when I did have it, it was stubborn.

I didn't try my new baltic amber necklace until one day when I woke up feeling shoulder pain.  Once it got to be unbearable, I finally put on the necklace for the first time.  And then I waited.

At this point in the story, I'll tell you a bit about how baltic amber works.  This only applies to amber (fossilized tree sap) collected from the area around the Baltic Sea.  Other types of amber do not have these properties.  Baltic amber secretes minute amounts of succinic acid.  When absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, succinic acid is a slow, mild, but effective, pain reliever.  It is considered safe for all ages, including babies, which is why Europeans have reportedly used it for centuries to relieve teething pain in babies.  This is also why baltic amber necklaces are not for chewing: babies only need to wear the amber against the skin for it to be effective.

Back to my experience.  I waited for about 2 hours and noticed that the pain was about 50% of what it had been.  Wow!

I waited another 2 hours and the pain was absolutely gone.  Seriously.

A fluke, my ever-skeptical self thought.  So I tried it again.  And again.  I tried it for a headache.  All with the same results.  Partial relief after 2 hours, complete relief after about 4 hours.  It made me a believer; Baltic amber works. 

Now, after our son wore his throughout teething, our pediatrician even recommends Baltic amber necklaces.  One customer contacted me after her dentist recommended them.  Baltic amber is beginning to be a mainstream way of naturally relieving babies teething pain.  And thank goodness for that!

Note: Baltic amber does need to be genuine and from the Baltic area.  We only carry the very best necklaces and bracelets from Knickernappies.  For more information about genuine Baltic amber, read their recent blog post HERE.


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