February 13, 2012

Benefits in using cloth diaper covers and prefolds!

Yes, Grandma's cloth diapers do still exist and people do still use them!  Plastic pants....not so much.  Colorful waterproof cloth diaper covers like Palm Tree and Thirsties are now the norm and using those cloth diapers that Grandma used to love couldn't be easier.

There are many benefits to choosing this more traditional approach to cloth diapering.

  • Prefolds are forgiving!  They fluff up through the first 1-5 wash/dry cycles and become soft, quilted and absorbent.  They're easy to wash, dry easily on the clothesline and are pretty hard to ruin.
  • Prefolds are inexpensive!  Buy them in bulk or one at a time.  They're the most inexpensive and economical method of cloth diapering and can be folded in various ways to fit your little one's size and needs.
  • Prefolds have many uses.  Prefolds can be used as cloth diaper inserts for your pocket diaper, as a burp cloth, changing pad and beyond cloth diapers as household cleaning rags or hand towels.
  • Prefolds bleach easily and naturally in the sun.  Stains easily come out when you lay your prefolds out to dry in the sun.  You won't have to worry about the color or print fading.
  • Covers are easy to use!  Diaper covers now come in sizes or one size and in various closures.  Snap them to fit or use velcro.  They provide a snug, secure and comfortable fit.  No more puffy balloon-like plastic pants.
  • Covers are easy to wash!  Because they aren't made to absorb they dry really quickly and often don't even need to be placed in the dryer.  No dryer means less wear and tear and less money spent on electricity.
  • Covers don't need to be changed every time!  Often the cover will not have been soiled when you change baby's diaper.  Simply replace the wet prefold with a clean dry one and reuse the same cover until you feel it's gotten smelly or soiled.
  • Covers can eliminate the need for a fastener.  If you have a good fitting cover it will hold the prefold in place without you needing to pin or snappi the diaper onto the baby.
Phew!  Well those are just a few of the many great reasons to give those old fashioned prefolds and modern cloth diaper covers a try!  You may just be surprised at how much you like them!


This makes me feel so much better about what we decided to do with cloth diapering. We decided to use the flips system and get prefolds etc just because they were a whole lot cheaper then the other ones! :) So now, I am even more excited to get started :)

I have other types of diapers, but mainly prefolds! Plus poopied prefolds are WAY easier to rinse out in the toilet.