October 11, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Training Pants, from Kawaii Cloth Diapers, Enter to win a pair! CLOSED

Time for Trophy Tuesday!  Guess what's new at Cloth Diaper Outlet?  Kawaii Training Pants!

Save a ton of money over the cost of disposable trainers and pull-ups when you use cloth/reusable trainers.  The Kawaii Trainers come in some adorable prints, we especially love the faux denim.  They fit children size 30+ lbs and are waterproof, breathable and absorbent.
Cloth trainers are great not just because they'll save you money, they're much more comfortable for your little one and easily pull up and down.  Disposable trainers are too similar to disposable diapers and feel a lot like them.  Treat your little one to a cute pair of "big kid" pants and see how much more fun and easy potty training can be!

Measurement:Waist:  Normal - 18cm x2,  Full Stretch - 31 cm x 2
Leg hole: Normal - 12 cm x 2, Full Stretch - 18 cm x 2

This pant can be washed in 95 degree F, 35 degree C, dry in low to medium heat and dried at normal temperatures. Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, and any other whitening agent.

Kawaii Trainers retail for just $11.95 each!

Want to win a pair of Kawaii Training Pants in the print of your choice?  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below!