September 29, 2011

Review: Changing Diapers - The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

The day that Kelly Wel's new book, Changing Diapers, went up for pre-order, I excitedly bought 6 copies. One for me and 5 to give away.

And then, happy day! My books shipped. The day they arrived I ripped open the box and *cue angels* I held the book in my hands. First's so cute! The book measures an adorable--and giftable--6 inches by 6 inches. With an eye-catching front cover, it begged to be opened and thoroughly enjoyed.

This called for coffee and a quiet spot to curl up. But since I couldn't finish the book in 30 seconds (all the quiet time I ever get) I just sat down to read amidst the chaos of a house with two sick kids.

I've been in the cloth diapering industry for over 6 years (wow, that long already?!) and while other books have been written about cloth diapers, none come near this one. This one is simply gorgeously illustrated and written. If a diapering book can be gorgeous. (Of course it can!)

Changing Diapers is written for beginners to cloth diapering. It contains no jargon. You won't find any descriptions of AIOs, Ai2s, BG, FB, or KN. There's nothing about BSWW or Cding. Plain words without learning a new language. Refreshing!

It's also not the least bit preachy.  If you're already using disposables or thinking you'd like to use both for your baby, this book will not make you feel bad for that decision.

Nor is the book an advertisement.  While it does list all the brands that were photogaphed for the book, and it does tell you some places you can go to buy diapers, it doesn't promote any brand, retailer, or type of diaper over any other.

The book opens with a brief history of the modern cloth diaper and a quick cost-savings comparison. Then it gets to the nitty gritty with chapters like "Why Choose Cloth Diapers" and "From Newborn to Toddler: Diapering for the Ages and Stages." Read about introducing cloth to your daycare, how to present the idea to daddy, and troubleshooting issues. There's even a chapter about accessories, like wet bags and swim diapers.

Changing Diapers is peppered with full-color photographs of babies wearing adorable cloth diapers in fun prints and patterns. FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, Knickernappies, Thirsties, BumGenius, and more are all featured in photos.

Stacey from iCreative Media drew illustrations detailing how to fold prefolds, how to stuff pocket diapers, how to adjust a one-size diaper, and more. She is also the designer behind the logo for Cloth Diaper Outlet!

My honest opinion is that Changing Diapers is an excellent resource for anyone considering cloth diapers. It will make a perfect gift for new moms (especially if bundled with a cute newborn diaper!)

Changing Diapers makes cloth diapering accessible to anyone. Two thumbs up!

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Cloth Diaper Outlet is excited to announce the newest product to be added to the store lineup, it's Kelly Wels book Changing Diapers:  The Hip Mom's Guide to Cloth Diapering!  So excited we're giving you a chance to win your very own copy.  Here's a bit about the book.

Topics covered:

- Why Choose Cloth Diapers?
- Basic Cloth Diaper Talk
- The Back-to-Work and Daycare Diapering Dilemma
- Daddies and Diapers
- Laundry: How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers
- Resources and more
Kelly Wels, a leading authority in the movement toward modern cloth diapering, has pulled the whole industry together to offer the best information on everything from what to buy, how to fit, and how to launder, to the health benefits for baby and the impact of diapers on the environment. Wels is a well-known powerhouse advocate and has become the main voice in the industry. The marketplace for this book is constant, as the US birthrate hovers over 4 million babies born per year and the word is getting out about the benefits of using modern cloth versus disposables. These are not your mothers cloth diapers!

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September 27, 2011

Winner of our GroVia Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is...LuLu!

Congratulations LuLu, she's our lucky Trophy Tuesday winner!  She'll be receiving a GroVia Cloth Diaper Cover/Shell in the color or print of her choice (from available stock).  We're thankful you all entered and were so eager to win.  Make sure to visit Cloth Diaper Outlet if you need to purchase a GroVia Shell or any other cloth diapering products or accessories.

LuLu, please check your email for a notification from us and to claim your prize!

September 26, 2011

Diaper Rash, It's bound to happen eventually so prepare yourselves!

Guest post by Bert

It happens. Diaper rash, and especially when your child starts eating solids. (Babies are typically less apt to get a diaper rash when they are exclusively breastfed.) The question becomes, once they start getting diaper rashes, how do you choose a rash cream when you use clothdiapers?

First things first you need a cream that will not leave any kind of oily residue behind on your diapers. If this happens a build up will occur and it will lessen the absorbency of the diapers. You will also want to choose a diaperrash cream that is not staining. There are specific diaper rash creams that have been made for cloth diapers, however, if you use pocket diapers you’ll still want to strip your diapers once the rash has run its course. This is because the kinds of fibers that are used in pockets are synthetic. “Stripping” diapers removes any build up or residue that might be left behind. This is usually done with the original blue Dawn soap; you know their commercials do say that they’re excellent grease fighters!

If the cream is not made for use with cloth diapers you can create your own fleece liner that will serve as a protective barrier for the diaper. I made mine by using old fleece blankets. I took a newborn insert, laid it on the blanket and then cut around the blanket. Once I had my liners cut out I washed them in natural and unscented detergent so they would be good against my baby’s skin.

You can also purchase fleece liners to use, they're inexpensive and usually very light to have shipped to you.

Simple, huh? It is. When you use your liners it is imperative that you not wash them with your diapers. Again, it’s back to that oily residue issue. Also you really shouldn’t wash your cloth wipes that have been used when you’re using diaper rash creams and in the same load as your diapers. I have to admit that I have done this before and it didn’t ruin my diapers. I wouldn’t recommend doing it but we’re moms and we’re busy and sometimes sleep deprived so we make little mistakes!

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This July, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.