August 19, 2011

Benefits of a Cloth Diaper with front and back pocket openings?

There aren't very many cloth diapers on the market with both front and back pocket openings.  Chances are, if you haven't tried one then you probably don't know what you're missing.

One of our favorite cloth diapers that features both front and back pocket openings is the Thirsties Duo Diaper.  Here are some of the great benefits of dual pocket openings.
  • You can stuff your diaper from the font or back and the generous openings allow you to position your inserts much more easily and fix any bunching that may occur.
  • Your inserts will agitate out in the wash.  No longer will you need to reach in to those messy diapers and retrieve the inserts with your bare hands.  You really can toss the whole diaper into the pail or washer and the inserts will easily agitate out in the washer.
  • Should you choose to remove your inserts before washing, the front opening allows you to remove inserts without having to reach in the back where messes frequently occur.
  • Cloth Diapers with front and back openings are less likely to catch debris in the wash.  With traditional pockets, tiny yucky little poop particles can be washed into the diapers pocket and then just when you think your diapers are clean you find that they have these hidden "treasures" requiring them to be washed again.
  • Thirsties Duo Diaper openings are generous enough to contain a variety of inserts, doublers, prefolds, etc.  and they can easily be stuffed without fear of ripping or tearing the diaper.
So what are your thoughts?  Have you tried Thirsties Duo Diapers?  Are you a fan of the dual pocket openings or do you not really care for them? 

August 16, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Enter to win a Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer! CLOSED

Guess what!?  We're giving you a chance to win a Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Spayer from Cloth Diaper Outlet!  Some of you swear by them, some of you have yet to try one, but we know you want to!

The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! It is especially helpful for babies eating solid foods. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray. Reinforced fittings for years of leak-free trouble free use.  Great also for washing out toddler potties and potty training rings. 

Remember our post last week?  The one we shared with you all on Thursday August 11?  It featured some great Youtube video tutorials that demonstrated how to use a cloth diaper sprayer like a Knickernappies sprayer.

Win It!
We're giving one lucky family a Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer!  MSRP $43.99

Contest is open to the USA and Canada.  Winner has (7) days to claim their prize or else an alternate winner will be chosen.

*We'll now be using Rafflecopter for our giveaways, please enter via the embedded Rafflecopter form below.

Buy 6 FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers and Get 2 Free at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

That's right!  Buy 6 FuzziBunz cloth diapers from Cloth Diaper Outlet and FuzziBunz will send you 2 more absolutely FREE!

1. Buy 6 or more FuzziBunz diapers at Cloth Diaper Outlet
2. Fill out the rebate form
3. FuzziBunz will send you two free diapers!

Official Rules:

  • Customers are eligible for 2 free FuzziBunz® diapers for every 6 FuzziBunz® diapers purchased – they will receive 1 FuzziBunz® solid color diaper (Perfect Size or One Size) and 1 FuzziBunz® mystery print (One Size or Medium Perfect Size)
  • There is no limit to the number of free diapers the customer can receive. Customer is eligible for 2 free diapers for every 6 diapers purchased. If 12 diapers are purchased, 4 free diapers are given. If 18 diapers are purchased, 6 free diapers are given, etc.
  • Customer must fill out the Rebate Form (located HERE) and mail their receipts and UPC codes to FuzziBunz® to receive free products
  • For US and Canadian customers only
  • Promotion for customers only – retailers may not participate
Process (Customer):
  • Customer purchases 6 FuzziBunz® diapers (One Size or Perfect Size) in one purchase
  • Customer will fill out online rebate form and print.
  • Customer will mail Rebate Form and the following items in one envelope:
    • Original UPCs from each diaper package
    • Original or copy of store receipt or packaging slip dated on or between August 15 & September 30.
  • Envelope must be postmarked October 15, 2011

Guess who won the Fuzzi Bunz Trophy Tuesday Giveaway? It was...Dancer4_1!

Congratulations to Dancer4_1 who was lucky entry 347 in our Trophy Tuesday Giveaway!  She'll receive a FuzziBunz Onesize Cloth Diaper or Gift Certificate of equal value to Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Dancer4_1 we do not appear to have your email address. Please contact us asap in order to claim your prize.  If you do not respond within 7 days then an alternate winner will be chosen.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Don't forget to check out our new FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Promo, Buy 6 Get 2 Free!

August 15, 2011

Save green when you go green with cloth diapers!

Choosing cloth diapers can save you a ton!  How much green can you feasibly save when you choose to use cloth diapers?  Let's take a quick look at the fluffy figures.

Let's pretend I am going to use prefolds, snappis and one-size covers.  Free Shipping would most likely apply to my order and from birth to potty training I shouldn't need to purchase more than 4 dozen prefolds, 8 covers ad four snappis.

With disposables I am assuming that baby would potty train at age 2.5yrs which is pretty optimistic, but works for the purpose of this comparison.

Cloth Diapers Disposable Diapers
(8) One Size Covers $79.92Approx. .32cents each
(4) Dozen Prefolds $139.20 8per day for 6 months =$467.20
(4) Snappi Fasteners $15.80 6per day for 24 months=$1752.00
Total $234.92 Total $2219.20
Additional Expenses Additional Expenses
Cloth WipesDisposable Wipes
Cloth Diaper SprayerGas to and from Store
Cloth Diaper DetergentSupplies for Disposal (Diaper Genie, etc.)

This simple chart gives both cloth diapers and disposables a realistic comparison.  Yes, you can expect to need more covers or more cloth diaper accessories and Yes, you can expect that your child might not potty train until they're 3 yrs old or might need more than 8 per day from birth through 6 months.

Even with this basic, optimistic look at both diapering options, cloth diapering clearly will save you money over disposables, at least $2000 to be exact!  That's a LOT of green!