July 23, 2011

New Ooga Booga Print Knickernappies Onesize Diapers are in stock!

It's been nearly 5 years in the making, but we finally have a Knickernappies one size cloth diaper in a PRINT!! 

Cloth Diaper Outlet is one of the very first retailers to now have Ooga Booga in Lime, Turquoise, and Chocolate with coordinating snaps and fleece.  These are adorable and ready to ship!  Currently available only in the One Size cloth diapers.

Head over to Cloth Diaper Outlet today and scoop up one of these adorable gender neutral print Knickernappies while you can!

July 22, 2011

A Yellow Knickernappies Onesize Diaper? It's true and it's just $12.95!

Cloth Diaper Outlet is pleased to announce that they are having a sale on a Yellow Knickernappies Onesize Diaper!  Not your standard Knickernappies butter yellow, a true yellow, and it's exclusive to Cloth Diaper Outlet!
Limited Edition YELLOW Knickernappies One Size diapers!!  KN OS have never been made in yellow before.  This is a special deal that we were able to buy just for our customers!

Why are they so cheap?
  Knickernappies received a shipment of fleece that wasn't up to normal standards.  Rather than let it go to waste, they've sewn it into these Limited Edition Yellow diapers.  We've used these diapers and the fleece is fine.  A bit pillier than KN's usual fleece, but it works well and we've had no issues with it at all.  These diapers are first quality, not seconds!!

Two Choices for Inserts:
  1. No inserts - use some you already have and get this great diaper for just $12.95!
  2. Two generic (not KN brand) microfiber inserts (one small, one large).  Generic inserts are made in China (not KN brand)

July 20, 2011

When's the last time you "Rocked a Soak" with Rockin' Greens Funk Rock?

Is it time for you to 'Rock a Soak' with your Rockin' Green Funk Rock?  Ammonia issues are one of the most common problems associated with cloth diapering.  Mom's complain that their child's diapers either reek of ammonia and burn their nostrils or they suffer from the ammonia beast that comes out after babies body heat activates it.

I've totally been there, diapers seem clean, smell clean, look clean...five minutes after baby has it on I can smell it across the room.  If it smells that bad to me then it must be a strong odor for little one to endure.

Rockin' Greens Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer is designed to neturalize the ammonia in your diaper wash.  Add it to your wash routine or "rock a soak" with some in it.

Check out some of these great Rockin' Green videos for more information on how to use Funk Rock and exactly how to "Rock a Soak!"

July 19, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Yummy Cloth Wipes Solutions and a Giveaway! CLOSED

Cloth Wipes Solution....Now I'm a Believer!

Cloth Wipe Solution can seem like an added expense, just one more thing that you have to buy in order to cloth diaper, but the truth is, it's worth it and it's not that large of an expense when you really break down the costs.

At Cloth Diaper Outlet, we carry a great selection of wipe solutions.
  • Baby Bum Drops! Pour one cup of very hot water over one Baby Bum Drop to dissolve. Then add this solution to your diaper wipes or a spritzer bottle for quick, convenient cleansing of baby's bum.  One box of Baby Bum Drops makes 50 cups of wipe solution!  $13.99 per box
  • Baby Bits Wipe Solution!  Baby Bits are small squares of soap that are easy to use. Drop bits into a wipes warmer or a spray bottle of warm water to dissolve, and you have a convenient antibacterial and fragrant wipes solution.  One box makes 60 cups of wipe solution!  $11.00 per box
  • Northern Essence, Foaming Baby Wipe Solution!  Northern Essence's famous wipes solution is packaged in a foaming bottle which is longer lasting and easy to use.  Use it to gently clean and wash baby's bottom, can also be used for the entire family!  We keep ours in a wipes warmer, ready to use for diaper time or quick clean-ups for hands and face.  $4.25 for a 2 oz To-Go Bottle
Although you can just use water to wet your babies cloth wipes, often a gentle cleanser and fragrance found in these natural wipes solution provide for a more pleasant diaper changing experience.  Antibacterial solutions also give you peace of mind that you're baby's bottom is genuinely getting cleaned of all debri and helps prevent rashes.

Win It!  Two winners will be chosen!
Want to win some cloth wipes solution?

Enter to win!
  • (2) Lucky winners will receive a package of cloth wipes solution of their choice!
Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian participants.

First Mandatory Entry:  Visit Cloth Diaper Outlet and check out our Diapering Accessories page.  Let us know which cloth diapering accessory you'd most like to try.  *Leave your choices here in your comment as your first entry.

*Leave one comment for each entry you qualify for.

Giveaway ends 07-25-11, Winner will be announced 07-26-11

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Winner of last week's Trophy Tuesday for a Rumparooz Cover or GC of equal value is...Brittany H!

Congrats to Brittany H!  She was lucky entry 613 of 614 entries!  That's the first time in Random.org history, or at least my history of using it, that I've seen the absolute last person who entered win!  Brittany was the mama who had the last three entries!

Brittany, please check your email for a notification from us!  You'll have your choice of winning a Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover or a Gift Certificate to Cloth Diaper Outlet of equal value.

Make sure to continue to follow us on FaceBook and you'll be the first to know when our next Trophy Tuesday Cloth Diaper Giveaway has gone live!