July 1, 2011

What's wool got to do with cloth diapering?

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Why wool?
Wool has a very important place in the cloth diapering industry.  For one, it's a natural fiber, perfect for those who want an alternative to synthetics.  Second, it's naturally water resistant!  How can that be?

Wool is different from other hairs and/or fibers because it has a hard outer layer that overlaps creating an outer water repellant layer around the fibers core.  This water repellant or resistant quality makes it the perfect, natural choice for cloth diaper covers.  Wool will essentially keep the moisture in the prefold or fitted, where it belongs.

Wool is also breathable and a great insulator.  A great option for winter climates and cool weather, thus the reason it's so popular for use in making outerwear.  However...it is also able to regulate temperature.  This means it can keep you cool in warm weather or warm in cool weather.  Crazy right?  It really is naturally that impressive, those sheep sure are lucky creatures!

The number one concern cloth diapering families have about using wool is that they are afraid that they'll ruin it or that it will be hard to care for.  Since wool covers do generally cost more than your average waterproof covers, some feel that the fact that they could be ruined easily is a reason not to buy them.

Caring for wool is actually easy!
Ok, maybe not as easy as just throwing your wool in with your other cloth diapers, but as long as you've done a little research you should be fine.
  • First you should have a Wool Wash on hand.  Eucalan, Sheepish Grins, and there are others.  A quick google search will get you an idea of the different types of wool washes available.
  • Soak your wool in the wool wash, according to the directions, in cool to barely warm water for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Try not to scrub too harshly or agitate your wool too much during the washing.
  • Lanolin can be used approximately once a month as needed to restore your wools water resistant properties.  One teaspoon dissolved in hot water, then mixed with cool water, then soak your wool for 15 minutes.
  • Rolling your wool inside a dry towel will help remove excess moisture after washing.  Some moms even throw their wool in the washer, just on the spin cycle, to spin out some of the moisture.
  • Sunning lightly helps with unwanted staining.

*Source: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/lp2/wool-guide.html

June 28, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Thirsties Duo Wraps & a Giveaway! Ends 07-04-11

This week we're highlighting one of our favorite cloth diaper covers, the Thirsties Duo Wrap!  There are quite a few reasons we love Thirsties and their Druo Wraps...
  • Made in the USA!  Yes, they are and they're affordable too!  Thirsties manufactures their products from quality materials right here in Colorado!
  • Super quality and warranty.  Thirsties products withstand a ton of wear and tear and hold up like a champ.  They also offer a great warranty for any defective products, snaps, etc.
  • With just two sizes, the Duo Wraps are great for families with two in cloth diapers or who don't want to have to purchase the next size up over and over.
  • They're reliable!  You can depend on Thirsties and their great interior leg gussets to keep messes in and prevent leaks.  Their elastic is gentle and provides a great fit without leaving red marks.
  • You can choose aplix or snap closure and they come in great color and prints!
Want a little more info about Thirsties and the family behind them?  Thirsties® is a small (but growing!) cloth diaper company committed to greener parenting and Eco Friendly solutions, not to mention 100% USA Made quality! Erin, founder of Thirsties, started this business with an old sewing machine and $100 5 years ago. Through her hard work and diligence, the company is now one of the leaders in the cloth diaper industry. Our diapers are now made by work at home mothers, and very close to our warehouse, reducing our carbon output. Our customer service reps are experienced cloth diapering moms, and offer our knowledge to our retailers and customers alike.

Want to win a Thirsties Duo Wrap from Cloth Diaper Outlet in the size, closure and color of your choice?

Enter to win!
Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian participants.

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June 27, 2011

Confused by the Fuzzi Bunz OneSize Diaper?

The FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-size cloth diapers on the market today! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35+ pounds and get a snug fit every time with the button-adjusted waist and leg casings. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Never before has a pocket-style cloth diaper been SO adjustable!

And the great thing about FuzziBunz is that they always use sturdy snap closures which will withstand 3+ years of use and elastic that is easily replaceable if it ever fails making it a long standing and dependable diapering system for years to come.

So what's there to be confused about?  Well the interior adjustable elastic is numbered and has to be adjusted to fit your baby.  Once set, you don't have to reset or adjust it again until the next time you need to go up in size.  Each cloth diaper also comes with two inserts.  You can use one, or the other, or both!

For an inside look at what the FuzziBunz Onesize looks like, how to adjust the elastic, and how to put it on baby, we suggest you check out this great Youtube Video below.