May 26, 2011

Knickernappies New Indian Prefolds are now in stock!

We are super excited to have a great in-stock selection of Knickernappies New Indian Prefolds!

Here's what we want to share about our prefolds:Here's what we want to share about the Knickernappies prefolds:
Knickernappies Indian Cotton prefold cloth diapers are made from the fluffiest, softest cotton.  Made to withstand years of washing and daily use, they'll be your favorite prefold diaper in no time.

Your prefolds will arrive flat and lifeless, but wash them 3 times and they'll perk up into fluffy diapers begging to be used.  Your prefolds will be absorbent after the first three washes and they will continue to gain absorbency for another 8-10 washes before achieving their peak potential. 

Your prefolds are also a bit of a shrinking violet...they'll look huge when they arrive, but after washing they will shrink to the perfect size.

Sizing - all are 4x8x4 layers
Infant ~ White Edge ~ 6-15 lbs
Infant Plus ~ Lime Edge ~ 10-20 lbs
Premium ~ Purple Edge ~ 15-30 lbs 

Dimensions - after washing (inches)
Infant ~ 13.5 x 11
Infant Plus ~ 13.5 x 12.5
Premium ~ 19 x 12

Choose from bleached (white) or unbleached (natural).  The only differences are the bleach used to turn the natural cotton white and that unbleached feels a little softer to the touch.  Otherwise, it is your personal preference.  Both are equally and perfectly absorbent.  Diaper Service Quality (DSQ)

Like all Knickernappies products, we back our prefolds with a 1 year warranty on the seams and fabric quality.  We guarantee that you're getting a quality prefold diaper!

Use InstructionsWith Knickernappies prefolds, you can use pins or Snappis, or you can trifold and simply lay into a wrap-style cover.  Our Infant and Infant Plus prefolds are perfectly sized to lay in a cover without folding down the length.  A cover is needed for waterproof protection.  Our prefolds can also be trifolded and used inside almost any pocket diaper.

Care Instructions

You'll want to keep your diapers happy so they'll perform at their peak, so use their favorite detergents...additive-free laundry detergent or any that are made specifically for cloth diapers are the best.  Avoid "baby" detergents such as Dreft or All Baby.  Your diapers don't like them and if your diapers aren't happy, no one is happy.

When you get your diapers, wash and dry them three times separate from other diapers in hot water with detergent.  This will wash out the natural oils present in all natural fibers such as cotton.  Washing out this oil prior to use is essential for absorbency.

After the first three washes, you may wash your diapers with other diapering products.  Wash in hot water for best results, though some users find that warm or even cold water does just fine.  You may dry in the dryer or hang to dry, though they will be softer and fluffier if dried in the dryer.  Alternatively, you can hang dry, then put into the dryer for 10 minutes to fluff them up.  

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May 25, 2011

Newsflash for Cloth Diaper Addicts! Introducing Fluff Stash, The World's First Cloth Diaper iPhone App!

Fluff Stash
The World’s First Cloth Diaper Addicts iPhone App
Scheduled to hit the App Store today!

Introducing the very first of its kind, Fluff Stash, an iPhone app just for cloth diaper fanatics!  In this easy to use and navigate app you’ll have so much fun snapping pics of all your diapers, categorizing them by brand, color, size, style and more!  Sort, organize, and share your stash with the click of a button.

We know just how addicted cloth diapering moms are, not just to their cloth diapers, but to their smartphones and their social networks.  That’s why we’re giving you the best of all your favorite things by allowing you to satisfy your craving to talk about cloth, use your phone, and share photos of your entire stash all in one convenient place!

What’s the best part?

It’s totally affordable, just .99 and it’s easy to use!  No gimmicks, finally an app that you can use on a daily basis for practical or totally impractical reasons, you decide!

Download Fluff Stash from the App Store today and take your cloth diaper addiction to a whole new level!

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You can also visit for more details.  Sponsored by Cloth Diaper Outlet.

May 24, 2011

Winner of the Palm Tree Diapers Trophy Tuesday is...Entry 378, Klemm Family!

Wow, thanks so much to everyone who entered our Giveaway for the Palm Tree Diapers One Size Diaper Cover!  The response was great and we're super excited for you all to get to try these fabulous new covers! chose a winner and it was lucky entry 378, which was the Klemm Family!  Klemm Family, please check your email for a notification from us and to claim your prize!

Everyone else, please continue to follow our blog and facebook page for the next great giveaway!

May 23, 2011

One Mama describes why she loves the bumGenius 4.0 Onesize Diapers!

Guest Post by Samantha

 As sized on the medium setting for 
my 14 lb. four-month-old
When I first decided to venture into cloth diapers a few years ago, my son was about six months old and I wanted something SIMPLE to use. I also wanted a diaper that  would easily get my husband on board to the idea of using cloth. A friend introduced me to the bumGenius line of cloth diapers and I have been hooked ever since! I recently upgraded to their newest line – the 4.0s with Snap closures. These diapers are so simple to use and they go on baby much like a disposable!

These diapers are one-size which means they are designed to diaper your baby until potty training. They are set up to fit babies from approximately 7 pounds – 35 pounds and up! I can vouch for this – with a smaller baby (14 pounds) and bigger toddler (33 pounds), these diapers do a great job at absorption & fit my babies well!  With a range of sizing in my own home, I find that I get more bang for my buck when it comes to using bumGenius’ one-size system. The elastic around the legs is also well-made and stretchy to accommodate even the chunkiest of thighs.

Showing the largest rise & snap closures
The diaper comes with a series of snaps which are simple to use and adjust both the rise of the diaper (to accommodate that weight range) and the fit around baby’s waist. The snaps that adjust the rise of the diaper are a great tool to parents as it enables that great fit throughout the life of the diaper years. The snap closures (which are a new change from the previous Velcro closure) are, in my opinion, a fantastic addition to the diaper. They keep the look clean & simple, help keep the diaper more snug against my son’s waist, and my older son is less likely to pull the diaper apart and off! As with the rise snaps, there are a number of different sets of snaps to accommodate the range of waists out there.
Open & ready for use!

My favorite thing about this diaper is how simple it is to use! After you have had a chance to stuff your diapers with the right amount of absorbency, you just lay baby down (as you would a disposable), adjust your rise (I always have mine set because he uses the same one until he outgrows that level) and just snap it up like you would the tabs on a regular diaper. Baby is ready for the day! My husband loves that the diaper is easy to put on and readily available like a disposable.

The diaper comes with two separate insert. The smaller insert is designed for the newborn stage, but also acts as a great extra piece of absorbent material for heavy wetters and for night-time. The larger, full-length insert has snaps to adjust to the rise you’ve chosen for your baby. Each insert is simple to stuff in your diaper and I have found that using the full length alone works and using them together is great for night-time for my older son.

Overall, this diaper is one of the easiest to use out on the market. The bumGenius One-Size 4.0 Cloth Diapers are a great start for anyone looking to begin their journey into cloth diapering. The features work great to accommodate the range of sizes from infancy to potty-training and that really makes spending the money on these worth it. I prefer the snap closures over the Velcro because for me, over time, the Velcro would fray, seemed to lose some of its stickiness and just didn’t look as nice as the snaps. I should also add that on those days when you are feeling like an extra-stylish mommy, you can dress baby to match as these diapers come in a wide variety of colors and designer patterns. I would highly recommend bumGenius One-Size 4.0 Cloth Diapers to friends and family, especially those new to cloth diapering.

By: Samantha Schultz
I am a mostly SAHM of two boys, Charlie (28 months) and Jack (4 months). I enjoy making the most of my family scrapbook online at The Peanuts Gang ( and sharing our adventures with the world!