May 19, 2011

Never say never!

When I first started cloth diapering it was because I had learned of the newer more modern styles;  Pocket Diapers, One-Size Diapers, Micofiber, etc.  I must admit, the thought of prefolds, pins, covers...those old fashioned diapers that I envisioned in my mind were the reason I never gave cloth a second thought with my first child.

But then it happened, after beginning to use cloth diapers, the modern styles, I became a little "prefold curious."  I found out about the super cool newfangled fastener, aka the Snappi, and I also really loved the look of the new covers with aplix closures.

I still questioned...Did I...Should I....Do I....Hmmm.  Finally determining that I did in fact want to attempt to use prefolds.  After all, part of the fun in cloth diapering is that you want to try as many methods, styles and brands as you possibly can.

So, after purchasing some covers and prefolds I jumped right in.  Guess what happened?  I loved them!  In fact I found myself preferring them over the use of pocket diapers, when I was going to be at home with the kids.  I loved the simplicity, the fact that they were so easy to launder, and the fact that often you could reuse the same cover as long as it wasn't soiled.

So how about you?  Was there a method you swore you'd never use or try?  Did you end up trying it and liking it just as I did with prefolds?

May 17, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Enter to win a *New* Palm Tree Diapers Onesize Cover! CLOSED

Have you heard of the new Palm Tree Diapers?  They're the latest and greatest Onesize Cloth Diaper Covers and they're affordable too!

Here's the skinny of these great new cloth diaper covers!

Affordability.  Durability.  Dependability.
Every now and then, you find a product that has all three.  In the world of diaper covers, Palm Tree is that diaper cover. 

You'll love the way it fits, you'll love the price, and you'll love that it works.  That it comes in seven adorable colors doesn't hurt, either.  This is the cover you've been looking for.

  • Onesize, Fits babies from approximately 7-35lbs.
  • Tuck Flap - helps secure prefolds and flat diapers inside the cover
  • Snap Closure or Aplix  - snaps last practically forever, aplix is easy to use and perfect for caregivers.
  • Bright Colors - Seven great colors for an adorable diaper bottom
  • Two-Layer PUL - our waterproof fabric hides the laminate between two layers of soft fabric
  • Gentle Elastic - our super-gentle elastic is durable yet won't leave red marks
  • Warranty - our 60 day warranty guarantees your investment is safe (see below for details)
Starting at just $9.99each, these great diaper covers can't be beat.  Buy in bulk and you'll save even more!
Visit Cloth Diaper Outlet and stock up on your new Palm Tree Diaper Covers today!  Also, make sure you check out Cloth Diaper Outlets new Discount Menu and see if you can apply one of their SEVEN different discount codes to your order.

Want to win one?

The Giveaway Details:
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Enter to win (1) Palm Tree One-Size Diaper Cover

Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian participants.

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Winner of the Baby Bear Wool Dryer Ball set is...Comment 70, Prizill!

Our Baby Bear Crafts Wool Dryer Ball Giveaway has ended and chose lucky entry number 70 as the winner!  Comment 70 was from Prizill!  She'll be receiving a set of four new wool dryer balls so that she can "green" her laundry routine!

Thanks to everyone who entered.  If you need to purchase Baby Bear Wool Dryer Balls please visit Cloth Diaper Outlet.  Also, don't forget to check out the Discount Menu to see if you can apply additional discounts to your order.

May 16, 2011

An inside look at how one mom organizes her cloth diaper stash!

Guest Post by Laura

There are so many different types of cloth diapers, and there are equally, if not more ways to organize your cloth diaper stash.

Baskets are a great way to organize your cloth diapers. This is my preferred method to organizing my stash! I use only pocket diapers, and don’t have a basket large enough to contain all of them together.  So I stack 2 on top of each other. This helps me to keep my diapers in an even rotation. I also use a basket for my cloth wipes and for my 2 year old’s training pants. If you use more than one type of diaper, you can use different baskets for each type of diaper as well.

Drawers are nice-especially if there’s one (or more) on your changing table. I have 2 drawers, but my changing table doubles as a dresser for my daughter’s clothing. So my bottom drawer is dedicated to items I use less often. I have my small and large pocket inserts separated, and my microfiber and hemp inserts separated as well. I also store my extra pail liner in the same drawer. If you have a drawer that’s higher up, within quick reach, it would be a great place to put your diapers as well!

Shelves are another nice option. I have seen people use what I like to call the “cube shelves” to store diapers in, and the canvas cubes to put inserts, prefolds/flats or even wetbags in. The nice thing about this method is that when your baby gets older, it can double as a shelf for toys!

There are endless possibilities on how to organize your cloth diaper stash. The most important thing to remember is to try as many organizational methods as possible to see what works for you-and to have fun!

Laura’s Bio:  Laura is a wife and stay-at-home mother to her 3 daughters. She enjoys cloth diapering, bike riding, reading, walking, and arts & crafts.