May 14, 2011

Quick Start Guide to using a Rump-a-rooz Pocket Diaper!

Guest post by Laura

To prepare your Rumparooz diaper for use, lay the diaper on a flat surface, fleece side up with the pocket opening closest to you. Next, place the insert inside of the pocket, making sure the insert is laying flat. Reach all the way to the front of the diaper while still holding onto the insert and, using your other hand, grab the front part of the diaper- making sure to include the front part of the insert.
With the hand you’re using to put the insert in, slowly pull your hand out while stretching the elastic until the entire insert is underneath the fleece layer. Now your diaper is (almost) ready to go!
To adjust the rise on your Rumparooz pocket diaper, there are 3 layers of snaps.  This allows you to adjust the diaper to fit from birth to potty training. You will need to guesstimate about what size your baby is, try it on your baby for size, and-if needed-take it off of your baby to re-adjust and so on. It is a good idea to adjust the rise before putting the insert inside of the pocket-this is to avoid the insert bunching up and causing uneven absorbency and a bumpy uneven look to the diaper.
Once you have adjusted the rise of the diaper and placed the insert(s) in the pocket, it is time to put the diaper on your baby. Just as you would do with a disposable diaper, place the back side of the diaper under your baby’s bum. With a Rumparooz diaper, make sure the gathered fleece in the back of the diaper is just above the top of your baby’s bottom. This will help to ensure that any explosions will be contained inside of the diaper. Pull the front of the diaper up through the legs and onto the front of the baby. Snap or Velcro in place, being sure that the diaper fits snugly, but not tight.
It takes a little bit of trial and error to find what rise adjustment, absorbency, etc. work for your baby. But once you do, it’s so easy to use!

Cloth Diaper Outlet carries the Rumparooz OS Diaper and Cover among other Rumparooz products!  Don't forget to visit their Discount Menu while you there and see all the different ways you can maximise your savings!

Laura’s Bio:  Laura is a wife and stay-at-home mother to her 3 daughters. She enjoys cloth diapering, bike riding, reading, walking, and arts & crafts.

May 12, 2011

Gently Used Diapers, What do you need to know?

There is actually a huge market for the buying, selling and trading of gently used cloth diapers.  The issue is that there are a lot of things you should consider before purchasing gently used diapers. 

Let's go over some things you should know but may not have considered.
  • Ask why the person is selling the diapers?  Assuming they're going to be honest.  Selling due to the wrong size is a good reason, but if they simply "didn't work for us" then you should probably dig a little deeper and ask why?  Did they leak?  Do the snaps come undone? 
  • What were they washed with?  You'll want to know what kind of detergent the previous owner used and whether or not it was cloth diaper friendly.
  • When did they buy the diapers and were they the only owner?  Often diapers will have changed hands more than once.  You may not know how old the diapers are or how they were cared for.  If you're curious you can always look at a person's recent posts (on a forum) and see if they recently obtained the diapers from another person or not.
  • Ask what brand/version of the diaper you are buying and if it was a "seconds".  Some brands went out of business and for good reason.  Some versions were discontinued due to flaws and may be diapers that you do not want to purchase. "Seconds" generally refer to diapers that were manufactured in some way with a flaw.  If they were a "Seconds" diaper then you'll want to know why.  You can also use the version to determine the age of a diaper.  If a new version came out then you can find out the date they stopped making the older version.  Often older diapers, if not stored properly, could have damaged elastic or other materials that will quickly deteriorate when you begin using them again.
  • Make sure you find out what shape the diaper is in.  Don't just take their word for it if they say it's stain-free.  Ask to see photos of the inside and outside of the diaper.  Many sellers are perfectly fine with providing you appropriate photos of the diapers they are selling.
  • Check the sellers feedback/rating.  Make sure that you're not going to be scammed by making sure the person has good feedback, at least a little bit of posting history, and that everything looks good and not suspicious.  There are plenty of scammers who use photos of diapers and pretend they are selling them when in fact they don't actually have them.
Finally, your best bet is to buy "Certified Pre-Owned" Diapers from a cloth diaper retailer.  Cloth Diaper Retailers know what good condition, functioning diapers look like and often they pre-wash/strip all diapers before they re-sell them.  Some even provide a limited warranty on their pre-owned diapers.

Cloth Diaper Outlet has a great Cloth Diaper Buyback Program and they also sell Gently Used, Excellent Condition diapers that you can buy with confidence.

Visit Cloth Diaper Outlet for more about their Reduce, Reuse, Reuse Diaper Program.

May 10, 2011

Green your Laundry Routine with Baby Bear Wool Dryer Balls and enter to Win a Set of Four! CLOSED

Baby Bear Wool Dryer Balls are made with the highest quality 100% wool/organic wool possible. Use 4 to 6 to optimize your dry time. Using these will also decrease, but not eliminate, your static cling and will fluff up your clothes without using a dryer sheet.  Perfect for use with cloth diapers where fabric softeners are not recommended.

Our tests show with 4 to 6 dryer balls there is an average of 15 minutes decrease in dryer time.

*Please note everyone's dryer is different and you may have more or less of a decrease in drying time.
Each dryer ball weighs approximately 2.0-2.3 ounces and because of the method we use may vary slightly in shape/size.  Dryer balls are natural color.

Made in the USA with all US materials. 

Heather's Personal Experience: I've been using these dryer balls since they were first released from Baby Bear Crafts.  Before, most of my laundry (full loads) would take 60 minutes + a "little longer" to dry.  Now almost everything dries in the first 60 minutes, reducing our drying time by at least 15 minutes.  These soften clothing and diapers, too.  

The Giveaway Details:
Baby Bear Crafts has agreed to sponsor a Giveaway of their great Wool Dryer Balls!  Baby Bear Crafts Wool Dryer Balls are available for purchase at Cloth Diaper Outlet and other fine retailers worldwide.  If you're interested in finding them locally please visit Baby Bear Crafts Retailer Page.

Enter to win (4) Baby Bear Crafts Wool Dryer Balls

Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian participants.

First Mandatory Entry:  Visit Cloth Diaper Outlet and tell us which other laundry product you'd like to purchase or try?  Come back to this post and comment with the name of what you'd try as your first entry.

*Leave one comment for each entry you qualify for.

Giveaway ends 05-16-11, Winner will be announced 05-17-11

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Winner of the Boogie Wipes Giveaway was...Comment 52, CalKet!

Congratulations to lucky Comment #52, CalKet!  She's the winner of (2) 30ct packages of Boogie Wipes!  Next time you or little one has the sniffles you'll be prepared!

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May 9, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Using and Caring for your Mama Cloth!

Mama Cloth can seem inconvenient and if you don't know how they work and what's involved in caring for them then chances are you'll never want to give it a try.  Truth is, it's not inconveient, in fact it's just as convenient only way way way more comfortable and it will save you a ton of money.

First you should know...
Mama Cloth comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and thicknesses.  Just like disposable pads, mama pads can have wings and can be purchased for different ttimes during your cycle, for overnight, postpartum and more.  Try a couple different styles and brands, you might find you prefer one over the other.

Next, you'll need a small wetbag or pouch to store them in. 
Having a nice small mam cloth wetbag or zippered pouch in your purse is essential.  Remember, you'll need to be able to take your used cloth pads home with you and having a small bag you can keep in your purse for your soiled pads is a must have.

Decide on your washing routine.
Just like cloth diapers you won't want to leave your soiled mama pads in the wetbag too long and you also may not want to allow them to dry while they're soiled.

A lot of cloth mama pad users like to keep a container, jar or bowl in their laundry room where they can place their mama pads to soak until laundry day.  Soaking them before washing keeps stains from setting in.  Water is fine for soaking.  If you prefer not to soak them then you could always just do a light rinsing off before storing them until laundry day.

Depending on whether or not you pre-rinsed them or soaked them, you may decide you don't need another pre-rinse before washing.  Some moms wash mama cloth with their cloth diapers and others wash them with their towels, linens, family cloth, etc.

How to dry them?
Cloth Mama pads are very easy to dry and like cloth diapers, you do not used fabric softener with them.  You can hang them to dry or place them in the dryer.  Remember to take them out as soon as they're ready so they don't have any unnecessary wear and tear.

Treating Stains?
Sunning your mama pads is a great way to remove stains.  Spot treating with peroxide can also be done or a little gentle scrubbing with your detergent and a toothbrush.

And so that's the way to care for your mama cloth!  It's not inconvenient at all.  Give it a try, we know you'll love cloth as much as your baby does!