April 28, 2011

Need to cloth diaper on a budget? Check out these great tips!

Cloth diapering saves you a ton of money over disposables in the long run but some families find the initial investment of cloth diapers too much to afford.  What they and you need to know, is that you CAN cloth diaper on a budget, still save money, and still have a perfectly good diapering system that you can rely on.

Here are some great tips for cloth diapering when money is tight! 
  • Consider prefolds!  Prefolds are a super inexpensive yet very durable and forgiving method of cloth diapering.  They average in cost from $2-$3 each and can be bought in bulk at a greater discount.  Don't waste your money on Gerber prefolds, their purpose is more for use as a burp cloth, real Chinese or Indian prefolds are much softer, thicker, and made to be used as a real cloth diapering method.
  • Purchase Duo Sized or Onesized Covers!  Covers, for use with your prefolds, can be purchased in various sizes.  While it is true that the sized covers have a more tailored and visually appealing fit, you can purchase Duo Sized covers like Thirsties or Onesize covers like Kawaii, which are only $7.99 each.
  • Buy Gently Used Diapers!  I recommend looking for gently used or certified pre-owned diapers that are being sold by a cloth diaper retailer.  This ensures that they really are in good shape, don't have residue build-up, and often qualify for additional store discounts when combined with any other order.
  • Try handwashing!  If washing facilites are an issue then prefolds and covers will definitely be a good option for you.  Prefolds can easily be handwashed in a sink, bathtub or camp-style bucket washer and can be hung out to dry.  Covers are really easily washed by hand and dry within about 20-30 minutes when the conditions are right.
  • Ask for hand-me-downs!  You might be surprised to find that others you know have cloth diapers they no longer use or may have never used.  Don't be afraid to ask and see if anyone you know has cloth diapering items they'd want to part with.
Well mamas, those are just a few tips for how you can cloth diaper on a budget!  Do you have any suggestions to add?  We'd love to read your comments.

April 27, 2011

REVIEW: Boogie Wipes! They are incredible!

I don't often do reviews, but every now and then I just love something so much.  This time it's Boogie Wipes.  Here's my story...

Since we're from Oregon, same as Boogie Wipes, I've known about them since they first came out in 2007.  My daughter was about 2 years old then.  I got a couple of samples at a baby show and liked them, but we're a cloth/reusable wipes family.  I preferred to use moist cloth wipes on her nose and didn't see a reason to change.

Fast forward a few years.  Our son is 10 months old and about a month ago, he got a really nasty cold.  Goopy eyes, constant drippy nose, you get the picture.  The poor kid was miserable and even with cloth wipes, his nose was sore in less than a day.  I remembered Boogie Wipes and one night at about 9 pm, I left for the nearest store in search of these incredible wipes that gently clean crusty baby noses.

I bought the grape-scented wipes and we immediately started using them.  By now his little nose was scabby and bleeding, even though we'd been very careful when wiping.  For the next 3 days, all we used on our son's tender nose were the Boogie Wipes, even going to buy another package when the first ran low.  After the first few hours, we noticed a difference...he quit fighting us on every nose wipe and the redness disappeared.  The sore scabbed over and stopped bleeding.  By the end of Day 3, even the scab was gone and you couldn't tell that he'd ever had a sore nose, despite the fact that his nose was running as much as ever.

Believe it or not, things went from bad to worse and we ended up at the doctor (pink eye and double ear infection).  His nose was now gushing green slime and his eyes were as well.  Our doctor told us to coat his nostrils with polysporin to help the tenderness, but when she examined him, she was surprised to see that his nose looked great!  We told her about Boogie Wipes and she said "Those are wonderful wipes!"

After this experience, I'm a Boogie Wipes believer!  I contacted the folks at Boogie Wipes to ask about sponsoring a giveaway.  Not only did they agree to give TWO full-size packs of Boogie Wipes to one of our readers, but they sent me a sample of their Simply Unscented Boogie Wipes.  I'm in love all over again!

Each pack contains 30 extra soft wipes and runs for about $3.99 in stores.  You can get a 50-cents-off coupon from their website if you sign up for their Boogie Bunch.  So go already!!  Print the coupon and go buy a pack...you will not regret it the next time your little one has a cold!

Look for our Boogie Wipes Giveaway in the next couple days!

April 26, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Check out the versatile GroVia and enter to win one! CLOSED

This week's Trophy Tuesday we're featuring the fabulous GroVia Cloth Diapering System!

With summertime comes the need to travel and the need for convenience.  Nothing can be more convenient than choosing whether to use cloth inserts or biodegradable inserts with your cloth diaper shell.  GroVia offers the best of both worlds.

The GroVia Onesize Shell can be used as a super trim cover over top of prefolds or fitteds, or it can be used with GroVia's Soaker Pads or Biodegradable BioSoakers!  GroVia's BioSoakers come in packages of 20 for just $7.99 and are the perfect alternative when you're looking for a hybrid system and may not have access to laundry facilities or are on a short trip, etc.

Have you tried the GroVia System?  Well now's your chance!

We're giving away a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Cloth Diaper Outlet where you can purchase the GroVia product of your choice or any other product that Cloth Diaper Outlet has to offer!

The Giveaway:
Enter to win a $20.00 Gift Certifcate that you can use to buy ANY item of your choice from Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian participants.

First Mandatory Entry:  Visit Cloth Diaper Outlet and tell us which GroVia items you might like to try or might purchase if you win the Gift Certificate!

*Leave one comment for each entry you qualify for.

Giveaway ends 05-01-11, Winner will be announced 05-02-11

Additional Methods of Entry:
  • (1) Entry for Becoming a Follower of this Blog
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  • (3) Entries for Announcing this Giveaway on your FaceBook or Blog.  (1 x per day)  Please include a link to this Giveaway when you share it.
  • (3) Upload of pic of your little one in their GroVia diaper (any kind) to I Love Cloth Diapers FaceBook Page Wall.
  • (3) Tweet about this Giveaway.  Include a link to this post and tag @clothdiapertips in your tweet!  (1 x per day)
  • (5)  Submit an article, product review or other contribution to be published on the I Love Cloth Diapers Blog! 
*Winner will be notified by email as well as announced on FaceBook and the Blog.  Thanks for reading!

Winner of our Summer Essentials Gift Certificate from last week's Trophy Tuesday is...Rebecca R!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered last week's Trophy Tuesday!  We featured some great Summer Essentials and the winner, chosen by random.org is Comment #158 which is Rebecca Rowan!

Rebecca has won a Gift Certificate in the amount of $20.00 to purchase the item of her choice from Cloth Diaper Outlet!  Rebecca, please contact us to claim your prize, you didn't leave an email for us in the entries.

Everyone else, please stay tuned, we'll have a new Trophy Tuesday up this afternoon!

April 25, 2011

Cloth Diapers (and wipes!) on the Go!

Guest Post by Kate

Tips for packing your cloth-friendly diaper bag

I remember it so well; our first trip out of the house with our newborn. We were headed out to the hospital for his first well-baby appointment and I felt like I needed 3 hours to prepare for departure. In addition to making sure the car seat fit properly, that our son had been adequately nursed, making sure he wasn’t too hot, or too cold, or too anything, I remembered that I needed to pack the diaper bag. I was using cloth diapers, and cloth wipes, and the task at hand seemed daunting. After about 30 minutes of grabbing, packing and repacking, I was frazzled. I gave up, grabbed the spare disposable diaper and wipes, and ran out the door. We made the five minute drive to the hospital for the 10 minute checkup, and then returned home.  All that prep for about a 20 minute venture, and I was exhausted!

As a new mom, I was nervous leaving the house with my son—be it a five minute trip in the car or a walk to the coffee shop. Cloth diapers were still new to us, and at first we weren’t even sure what our diaper bag needed! But after a few trips out into the real world and some advice from good friends, we mastered the art of packing the cloth diaper bag. We don’t even have to carry disposable back-ups. Here a few tricks we learned along the way:

Pack your cloth diapers/covers/AIO (all-in-ones)/prefolds; and pack more than you think you’ll need!
    Every parent knows this; if you’re gone for an hour and bring one diaper, you’ll actually need 4. Be prepared.
      Pack your wetbag!
      You’ll need a place to store those lovely messes, and a wet bag provides the perfect storage. Wet bags are waterproof, washable, and close right up, making storage a cinch. Extremely versatile, these bags will serve you even when you’re no longer diapering your kids. We purchased a couple so that we always have a few that are clean. They fold up into the smallest of spaces when empty, making diaper bag prep simple and quick. Once you get back home, just throw the wet bag and contents into your diaper pail and it’s ready for wash.
        Cloth Wipes?  Check!
        When my son was brand new, we hadn’t figured out a good way to use cloth wipes in public. We were used to our all-natural solution to accompany the soft, organic wipes used for cleaning at home, but at first unable to transition those to the diaper bag. But we figured out a method that is easy and convenient, and now we never leave home without our cloth wipes (see below).

        Solution Time!
        Just because you’re leaving the house doesn’t mean you’re forced to use disposable wipes. My cloth guru girlfriend turned me on to squirt bottles; she fills them with the all-natural cloth wipes solution made at home (we use Baby Bum Drops) and sticks it in the diaper bag. When needed, just squirt the solution onto your cloth wipe and there you have it. Any liquid container will work: just fill before you leave and then moisten the
        wipe as needed when it’s changing time. Both wipe and dirty diaper disappear into the wet bag until you get home.

        Your sense of humor!
        Sure, this one is a little trickier to pack, or even remember, but as with every new experience with your little one, remember not to take yourself too seriously. I will admit that my son has actually worn a burp cloth under his diaper cover a time or two because mom wasn’t prepared when leaving the house. It happens! But he survived, and I learned to double check the diaper bag before leaving the house. Resourcefulness is just an added benefit of being a parent.

        Now, with my son almost a year old, leaving the house isn’t quite as daunting as it used to be. There are still days when actually getting out of the house seems to take hours, but not because of diaper bag prep. Follow this simple checklist and you’ll find that packing your cloth-friendly diaper bag is just as easy as cloth diapering at home; and who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire another parent while you’re out…

        Author's Bio:  Kate is a first-time, stay-at-home mom whose hobbies include learning something new everyday from her baby boy, creating delectable homemade baby foods, teaching cycle classes, trying to persuade her husband to become vegan, and of course, trying to change the world one cloth diaper at a time.