April 8, 2011

REVIEW: Green Gamboni made-for-cloth-diapers Blue Jeans

One of the coolest parts of owning a diaper store is getting to try new things.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased a pair of Green Gamboni jeans for our 9 month old son.  Green Gamboni jeans are made from organic cotton denim and are designed to fit perfectly over cloth diapers.  Since Little C has never really worn jeans, we had to give them a try. 
Green Gamboni offers 5 styles, all of which are gender neutral.  I chose the Hedgehog style with reinforced knees--perfect for our new crawler.  I picked the 12-18 month size (22-27 lbs).  Our guy weighs 21.9 lbs so these should last a while for him. 

Our jeans arrived quickly, within just a few days.  They came without any packaging, just a paperboard tag hanging from a belt loop.  I appreciate the minimalist packaging!

I washed them first, so it was a few days before we got to actually try them.  They're a little big on our son, but that's to be expected since he's not quite into the weight range yet.  But otherwise they seemed to fit just fine. 

My husband was thrilled with them instantly.  He loved seeing Little C in blue jeans.  I wanted him to wear them a few times so I could write a thorough review, so back into the wash they went. 

Our son has now worn his Green Gamboni jeans three times.  We love them!  I found myself picking them out of the dryer so he could wear them right away this weekend. 

Little C is wearing a trifolded prefold diaper in a diaper cover.  Not usually considered the trimmest diaper, but you'll see that his jeans still fit great! 

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I love the reinforced knees on the Hedgehog style

Green Gamboni's special touch

Green Gamboni prices:  $39 - $48 (as tested $44)
Made in the USA
98% certified cotton, 2% stretch

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April 7, 2011

Did cloth diapering lead to your family becoming greener?

Seems crazy but cloth diapering really did lead to our family implementing many more eco-friendly and green-ish practices in our day to day life.

After beginning to cloth diaper we realized that it was absolutely ABSURD to not also be recycling!  Why hadn't we done it before?  Laziness, I can admit it.  We didn't have the special bins, we didn't know where we'd keep the recyclables, blah blah blah.  Not until we started recycling did we realize just how much more convenient, cleaner, and EASY it really was.  Now I can't stop recycling.  At other people's houses I find myself retrieving recyclables out of their garbage and lecturing them on why they need to recycle.

We also gave composting a try.  I was bad at it.  The raccoons kept making a mess of it and we had a ton of fruit flies.  But hey, at least the raccoons were taking care of it instead of it going into a garbage bag where it couldn't biodegrade.

We are much more aware of our energy consumption and try to be more conscious of turning off lights, unplugging things when not in use and attempt to live with the A/C on a higher temp than before.  One day we'd love to be able to afford solar, that would be ideal.

I also "greened" my menstrual cycle by beginning to use the Diva Cup.  Totally love it, wish I had switched earlier.  It makes so much more sense, is way easier to use than I thought, and saves us a ton of money.  Plus now there are no tampons or waste to flush into our septic like before.

So has cloth diapering led to your family becoming "greener" or more eco-conscious?  We'd love to read your comments.

April 6, 2011

How do you use a Pocket Diaper? Step-by-step tutorial.

Guest Post By: Lindsay Oussa from Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways

Pocket Diaper
These cloth diapers are made with a cover sewn onto a layer of fleece, or micro suede, and include an opening on the inside for you to put your insert. The pockets allow you to customize how thin or thick you want the diaper to be (depending on the number of inserts you use) and, best of all, they allow you to control how absorbent the diaper will be.  You can stuff with as little or as much as you would like.  

What can you stuff it with you ask?  Well pretty much anything you want. Because there is a stay dry fabric touching your baby's skin, you can put what ever you want in the pocket. Most pocket diapers come with either a microfiber insert or hemp insert, but you can also use a  prefold diaper or bamboo insert as well.  You can use any of those alone or for those times you need a more absorbent diaper, like for long car rides or at night, you can mix and match.  

There are two types of pocket diapers: One-size and sized.  
One-sized diapers will fit most children from birth until potty training alleviating the need to purchase different sizes.  They are adjusted by either snaps, that are on the front of the diaper, or by the elastic in the legs and the back.

Sized diapers usually come in size small, medium, and large, but here are some brands that carry newborn and ex-large sizes.  Since these diapers are sized you would need to purchase some in each size.  These types of pocket diapers are great for the newborn stage, when they are too little to fit into the one-sized ones.

The diaper's {ANATOMY}:  

PUL (polyurethane laminate)
This is the waterproof fabric used in most cloth diapers (the cover portion) out there. 

Microfleece or Micro suede
Most pocket cloth diapers use this material for the part of the diaper that will be right up against baby's skin. It is a very soft fabric that does not absorb but instead wicks moisture away from baby's skin to help prevent rash and keep baby dry.

This is the two types of closures used on cloth diapers. You basically will either have APLIX, which is a fancy name for velcro, with landry tabs or you'll have snaps. Aplix allows for easier adjustment, of course, although snaps are more durable and are likely to last longer, in my opinion.

How do you use it? 

If the diaper has solid waste in it, you would remove the insert, dump the waste in the toilet, spray it off with a sprayer, or dunk in the toilet, and then put the shell in the pail along with the insert.  If it is just soiled with urine then you would just take the insert out and place both the shell and insert in your diaper pail.  There are some pocket diapers that have inserts that agitate out during the wash and in that case you would not need to remove them.

After washing your diapers you would simply just stuff the insert back into the pocket and put it on baby!  It really is that easy!  Pocket diapers are my favorite because, once stuffed, they are as easy as disposables, making them Daddy and daycare friendly!  I don't even have to mention the cuteness...just take a look for yourself.

Lindsay is the Mama behind Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways!  About Lindsay:  I am a Christian, 30 year old SAHM of 3 beautiful blessings. I am VERY happily married to the most wonderful man. We are a multicultural family and love every minute of it. My husband is from Benin, West Africa and is currently working on his PhD, in mathematics. I am PR friendly, so if you are interested in sponsoring a review and/or giveaway on my blog please email me at: lindoussa(at)gmail.com. Thank You :)

April 5, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Add some WeeHuggers to your stash!

Diapers don't just come along every day that you see and think "Oh I must have that!"  So that's why I wanted to share with you the WeeHuggers line, so that you can drool a little over how cute they are!

WeeHuggers are super innovative and cute.  They bring you all the functionality you love about your other workhorse diapers but these come in irresistible color combos and prints that you'll just have to have.

Use as a cover over your favorite fitted or prefold or use with inserts to make this cover into an instant AI2 diaper!  WeeHugger covers feature "stay-put" laminated bamboo/organic cotton flaps that insure your insert stays in place. The natural fibers gently wick moisture away from your babies' delicate skin.
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April 4, 2011

The value in reusable training pants; I wouldn't want to wear paper underwear would you?

There are many great reasons why you should choose reusable cloth trainers over disposable ones.  

Cloth trainers can be reused for future children.  Disposable trainers can not be reused.  Even if a child doesn't "use" the disposable trainer, after one wear you'll notice they really aren't made to last.  You might be able to get another nights use out of it but beyond that it will become bunched up, uncomfortable and it essentially begins to fall apart.  Just another great way disposable companies have managed to keep their product in demand.  Their products are not made to last nor are they intended to be reused.

Cloth trainers feel and appear more like real underwear compared to disposables which look very much like disposable diapers. 

Cloth trainers are more comfortable, come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles and are not made from toxic chemicals and other materials than can irritate baby.  Your child will have a much more pleasant potty training experience.
Cloth training pants are very reasonably priced and can be comfortably reused without washing if your child had a successful night.  Depending on how often you do laundry you might only need a few pair of cloth trainers.  With disposables you'll need to buy package after package, and as you know, the bigger the child the less diapers their are in each package.

Disposable trainers also leak.  I've found that not only do disposable trainers fall apart, even if they aren't peed in, but if they are peed in they leak everywhere, as if they aren't even really supposed to be absorbent or functional.

The bottom line is that disposable trainers are a waste of money and resources and it simply makes no sense to invest in them when cloth trainers are available.