February 15, 2011

Trophy Tuesday - Wet Bags - Why should I have one? - CLOSED

As a cloth diaper retailer, when the subject of wet bags comes up, I often am asked "Doesn't a zip lock bag do the same thing?"

Short answer: "Yes, but wet bags are way cuter."

Long answer: "Yes, but wet bags are reusable.  They can be washed and dried right along with your diapers, over and over for years.  They hold up beautifully so you can use them long after the diapering years are over...potty training, wet swim suits, wet towels, muddy shoes, muddy soccer balls, etc.  Plus, wet bags aren't see-through, so no one will know you're carrying a dirty diaper.  Wet bags come in a variety of sizes so you can get the one that's perfect for your needs. Oh, and wet bags are way cuter than a ziplock bag."

Planet Wise wet bags

Small wet bags are perfect for baby wipes (disposable, wet cloth, dry cloth, whatever you use!).  They're also great for mama cloth, nursing pads, hankies, tissues, makeup bags, travel bags, and more.

Medium wet bags are the most popular size for cloth diapering.  These are perfect for the diaper bag.  They fold up nicely but will hold 6-8 diapers plus dirty wipes.

Large wet bags are great for all day...day care, grandma's house, shopping out of town, zoo trip, etc.  These also feature a handle for hanging from a doorknob, towel bar, or changing table.  That makes them a great (but compact) choice for overnight trips.  They hold 14-16 cloth diapers.

Then there are hanging wet bags (great for using as a diaper pail), mini wet bags (perfect for mama cloth, makeup, and small things), and wet/dry bags (one side is "dry" for clean diapers, the other side is waterproof for wet diapers).

Wet bags come in a wide variety of colors and prints, so you can choose your favorite or match your baby room decor. 
Trophy Tuesday SALE!  All wet bags are 10% off at Cloth Diaper Outlet from Tuesday, February 15 to Monday, February 21. 

Win one! 
We're giving away one Rump-a-rooz Wet Bag in Pumpkin!  Winner will be drawn via random.org on Monday, Feb 21, 2011.  Winner will be announced here and on our Facebook.
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