December 12, 2011

Tips for treating cloth diaper stains that just won't budge!

Cloth diaper stains happen, they're virtually unavoidable and you can't really control which diapers they'll affect.

So is there a way to get those unsightly stains out that aren't easily washing out?  Here are some tips to consider.
  • First, save yourself a ton of trouble and wait to see if the staining washes out over the course of a few washes.  Use regularly and wash regularly, some stains aren't really stains at all.
  • Second, try sunning your diapers.  You can lay them in a window sill, car dashboard, hang or lay them outdoors and even sun them in the rain or on cloudy days.  The sun's powerful UV rays are often all it takes to easily remove cloth diaper stains.
  • Still there?  Try spot treating the stains.  I recommend fixing a really hot bowl of water.  spray your spot cleaner on them.  Try Bac-Out, Baking Soda, Rockin Green Soap, Fantastik, Oxy Clean or another.  Let them sit and then scrub with either a nail scrub brush or old toothbrush.  After scrubbing place them in the bowl of hot water to soak.  After soaking you should rinse a couple times with hot water to ensure you've gotten all the soap/spot cleaner out, then proceed with washing them in your cloth diaper laundry again.
  • If sunning, spot cleaning and washing doesn't completely remove the stains then don't worry, stains don't affect the performance of your diapers and they're on the INSIDE so no one will see them but you.  Sad, yes, we know everyone likes to keep their diapers nice and new looking and stains happen to the best of us.
So do you have stains that just WILL NOT go away?  Had you battled tough stains and found a remedy?  Please share with us your tips for removing stains and what worked or did not work for you.


My babygirl used cloth diaper for a year and there is no stain in her stash :). I wash daily and if its poo I hand wash it ASAP using water spray and dishwashing liquid soap. Then line dry outside. HTH :)

I am writing to ask permission to use your image of those stained diapers on my website. If it is ok, who would you like me to credit for the source. I will have the image link back to this post. If no, no problem. The post is a family friendly humorous post.