December 28, 2011

Could the BumGenius Freetime diaper be the DREAM diaper you've been hoping for?

Yet another diaper has hit the market and it's taking over the hearts and homes of all who use it.  It's made by BumGenius, the popular creator of the 4.0 Onesize Pocket Diaper, Elemental AIO, Flip and Econobum lines.

What makes the Freetime diaper so special?  What features are sure to win you over?

  • Onesize design, similar in fit and function of other BumGenius diapers like the 4.0 and Elementals.  Fits babies from approximately 8-35lbs and up.
  • Snap down rise for easy size adjustments.
  • Available in durable hook/loop (velcro) closure or snaps if you prefer.
  • All In One makes this diaper easy to use.  No stuffing, extra snap in inserts or accessories needed.  Two semi-attached stay-dry inserts help provide the perfect absorbency while keeping the diaper easy to dry and less prone to odor issues.
  • Trim fitting without compromising absorbency!
If you're a fan of ALL things BumGenius then you have GOT to grab at least one of these great new Freetime Diapers!  Cloth Diaper Outlet has them in stock and ready to ship!