December 6, 2011

Benefits of prepping your new prefold cloth diapers, with pictures!

Why on earth do you need to wash your new prefold diaper?  Will it really make a difference in the diaper’s performance?  I tested this out Sid the Science Kid style in my Super Fab Lab (okay my son’s completely enthralled with Sid)!  Aside from washing anything that may be touched with chemicals (prefold diapers do have sizing in them as a way of finishing the fabric) away from your sweet baby’s skin, the benefit of pre-washing a prefold diaper is that the fabric will fluff up making it more absorbent and effective for your diapering needs.

Let’s look at the experiment!

This is how the diaper looked when it first arrived at my house.  Flat and stiff.

This is the diaper after the first wash and dry cycle.
Second wash and dry.
Third wash and dry.
Finally, the fourth wash and dry.
See the difference as I washed and dried it from the first picture to the fourth?  Bet you won’t think twice next time about taking the prepping step with your prefolds, huh?

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