November 14, 2011

Diaper Styles, In order accoring to ease of use.

Oh, cloth diapers, how we do love thee.  Though some we fawn over more than others.  What makes a family or person prefer one style over the other?  Well, let's look at some of the different styles and look at how they compare in terms of ease of use.

  • All-In-One Diapers-  Although recently onesize AIOs have hit the market, they are a popular sized option.  They are all in one, just as they are named.  Use just like a disposable, easy enough for daycares, dads, babysitters and grandparents.  No stuffing, inserting, folding or complicated accessories needed.
  • Pocket Diapers-  Usually just as easy to use as the AIO above but are non-absorbent until stuffed with the inserts of your choice.  Available in sized or onesize and in aplix or snap closure.
Easy and Versatile
  • Hybrid Diapers-  Brands like GroVia and Flip can be used in a variety of ways.  They include a waterproof, non-absorbent shell that you can use with a biodegradable/disposable insert, cloth insert, prefold or fitted.  Definitely a lot of options.  Easy to use and sure to become a favorite among families who try them.
A Learning Curve 
  • Prefolds & Flats-  Great cloth diapers, versatile, and moderately easy once you get the hang of it.  Prefolds and flats require the user to know a folding technique and sometimes require a fastener depending on the fold.  They are not waterproof and therefore do require an extra waterproof layer, aka diaper cover.
  • All-In-Two or Three-  Imagine a cover that's not absorbent but does have absorbent inserts that fold in and often snap in.  Pretty easy but the novice cloth diaper-er may not know what goes where and which snaps to use.
  • Fitteds-  As easy to use as an AIO diaper but without the waerproof layer.  You'll need a cover and therefore a fitted/cover method is like putting a diaper on, on top of a diaper.
A Wee Bit Complicated
  • Wool-  Families who use wool as their waterproof cover over cloth usually love it.  Families who've never tried it...are scared to death of it.  It's amazing and works great but can be complicated to wash, expensive, and easily ruined.  Research on how to wash and care for your wool is required and a must in order to use successfully.
 So, that's my take on what's easiest and why.  Do you agree?